Help please - 89 ponsot clos de la roche

Hope this is the real deal!
Can the experts weigh in?



Ask Acker.


Victor, you have your snark meter turned up to 11 today.

Henry is asking for real help, not snark.

At the Gramercy Tavern bar on Saturday, another diner asked if I buy my BYO wines there. :grimacing:

Have you considered checking with the producer?

Paging @Robert_Pavlovich

what is the question?
If legit - or if good?
I had a very good ( not great) bottle ox the 1989.

Is it ligit?

without close inspection, yes.
Capsule cork pushed up?

Not the cork, but the capsule has a bit of air.

bottle and label looks quite clean - has it been wrapped?

Don’t know. It was lying in a display case of a wine shop.

That immediately struck me, too.
My suggestion is to take pictures and e-mail them to Ponsot. (John Kapon may have contact information.)

Well it’s always better to confirm it is the real deal before buying. Which means buying from trusted sources who have been professionally training in wine authentication.

Three comments:

  1. The photo of the capsule is out of focus, so difficult to see, but there does seem to be damage to the capsule.
  2. To the naked eye, the label looks correct, but again, needs to be verified against authenticated sources by someone trained.
  3. Usually a bottle should be inspected in person. There are lots of components to determining if a bottle is real or fake. How was the label printed? Is the bottle correct? Etc. Many fake bottles can easily pass for real without a full examination.