Help needed to send wine to friend in Louisvlle, KY

An old high school friend has recently moved to Louisville and I would like to send her some wine as a housewarming present. Research has told me that only wineries may ship wine into the state to consumers. (If that is incorrect, please let me know.) Idlewild makes a selection in the desired price range but I cannot discern from the website if they ship there yet and I haven’t heard back them yet. So I am thinking maybe the way to go is to buy from a Louisville wine shop. Any suggestions?


Is it legal for you to ship olive oil to KY?

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I had so many cases of olive oil shipped to me in NC that the FedEx guy probably thought I was opening a restaurant.

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I live in KY and have used an online retailer as recently as 1 week ago without any problems.

I’m sure they’re on the up and up but PM me for their name just in case.

Wine searcher can help sort out shipping restrictions for retailers but not sure how accurate they are. In the past some retailers listed as not shipping here would do it if you called and talked with them directly.

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Double box, no styro.

Hey there Maureen-

No problem at all shipping Idlewild to KY. Just log in to our site and complete your purchase as you normally would.

Warm Regards
(works at Idlewild)


Um, I just tried to do that and at the end I received this message:

One or more elements is missing or invalid. The “shipTo.stateCode” field errored due to “Can not ship to KY” .

Give the tasting room a call at 707-385-9410 and they’ll get you styled out.

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