Help me with restaurant recs for my trip to Switzerland and Italy!

Thanks to everyone for your recommendations from my previous post. The hotels are all booked and we decided on staying in Praiano in the Amalfi Coast as my last post was asking for suggestions as to which town to plant our stay in.

Now for dining options! I definitely want a few standout fine dining options as we certainly want to hit a few during our month-long trip, but please feel free to share your thoughts from casual to multi star options.

Here are our cities! Some are longer stays while others are quick 1-2 days. We will be traveling most of June 2024

Bernese Oberland
Praiano (but obviously willing to drive to wherever in Amalfi as we have 5 days there)

Lots of recent information in the Rome thread, I think there is one in Florence too.

Sadly, the recommendation I was going to give for Zurich, Caduff’s wine loft , is permanently closed now. Sad.

Will you be in Salerno? Amalfi coast adjacent. If so, Mama Rosa is a tiny place that is off the charts good and inexpensive.

In Luzern, you should try the “Luzerner Käsekuchen”, which is like a cheese pie. Almost a quiche, but not as eggy. It’s a local specialty that you won’t have anywhere else. I had the version served by Das Rathouse Bier, and it was very good, but I’m sure there are other options. (Das Rathouse Bier is a local brewpub with good dining and food options, and very nice riverside outdoor dining.)

You didn’t say when you were going to Luzern, but if it’s winter you owe it to yourself to get fondue. Also don’t be afraid to sit outside, even in cold weather. Most places had lap blankets available, and little quilted bags to keep the potatoes warm (for fondue).

Also consider grabbing lunch at the hotel on top of Mount Pilatus. The food there is only good, but the view is spectacular. And it’s a good excuse to ride the cable car up the mountain and take in the view.

Have fun!

Thanks Charles. I should edit the post, we are going to be there next June.

Interesting that Caduff’s closed.
Our meal was so-so, expensive wine list, but I can see the appeal.

Lot’s of recco’s and thread’s for Rome and Florence so will skip those other than the standard call out for Enoteca Pitti Gola as a must visit in Florence.

Zurich super classic experience. I did a Saturday lunch with my wife then a business dinner later in the week. A bit pricey but very good. Only turnoff was the server who didn’t seem happy to speak English instead of German. Place is packed and buzzing. hard to recommend basically an Italian restaurant in Zurich when your going to Italy but we loved this place. So much so we ate there twice at the bar. Outstanding food and excellent wine list with good btg suggestions.

Lucerne fantastic lunch here on the lake. The beetroot soup with fish praline is worth visiting just for that dish. We loved it

La Cucina- this is a basic Italian chain but we were there on a Sunday and almost nothing was open for lunch. We had a really good pizza and some salads. Decent BTG wine as well. I would go back for a quick meal or a break from traditional swiss dishes. place was also packed with local families.

Engelburg- if you have the time it’s a 45 minute drive south of Lucerne. You can take the cable car to the top of Mount Titlis. Incredible views and you go from 1300 feet to 10,000 in a matter of 2 hours(drive and cable car) There is a restaurant that I think was at the 2nd stop of the cable car that was very good with awesome outdoor seating and incredible views. If your interested I’ll see if I can find the name.

Como- are you staying in the city of Como ? We stayed in Varenna and there is another active thread with plenty of options including Bellagio and Mennagio.

Priano- we’re heading there in June as well. We will for sure be going back to this place. It’s right outside of Positano on the road to Priano
Home - Ristorante Positano - Pizzeria - La Taverna del Leone. Terrific food and wonderful family that runs it.
Zass at Il San Pietro Resort is terrific and more than worthy of the one star. Incredible views of Positano as well.
Have you been to Ravello ? some very good options there and definitley worth spending time there. We’re staying at Hotel Don Alfonso before coming to Priano so doing a dinner there as well as Hotel Lo Scoglio | Lo Scoglio da Tommaso | Restaurant. Fantastic seafood on the coast. If you do a boat day you can work in lunch. Big celeb spot so make reservations in advance. Bobby Flay mentions it often and he was there for lunch when we were there.

Not sure your interested in a winery stop but we’re going to do visit Fantastic local wines. The Fiorduva is killer.

Fred - did you do the wine tasting menu or just order bottles with the meal? Is there any difference in the wine lists between the Enoteca and the main restaurant? Thanks.

Hi Stephen- we have usually ordered bottles from the list with the help from their team when eating . Their BTG selection though is excellent as well though and have done that when just stopping by for a glass at the bar. We have dined at the Osteria once and they do have an excellent selection. I understand you can order from the wine list at the Enoteca but we did not ask to.

If you are in Zurich on a Sunday I can definitely recommend Sunday brunch at the Dolder Grand Hotel - its a nice trip up on the funicular and if the weather is good its wonderful to sit on the terrace.

A few kilometers down the lake from the city of Zurich is restaurant Buech which sits up on the hill and has a lovely garden overlooking the lake and the food is good.

Taos is central Zurich right off Bahnhofstrasse, again with a nice garden - it’s a bit of a showy place, but I’ve always enjoyed the food.

I’ve not eaten in the restaurant but La Rotisserie at the Hotel Storchen is in a great location and has a good reputation

Cocos is tucked right off Paradeplatz, my wife and I used to go regularly for after work drinks and weekend dinners before our son was born. Again a lovely little garden. You can get cold cheese and meat plates (included grilled entrecote with a really good chimichurri) as snacks with drinks or dinner which is a 5 course surprise menu with the choice of various grilled meats and fish for main course.

George is a trendy grill place on top of the casino, quite a good wine list and its a nice place to sit at the bar before and/or after dinner

Kindli has some Zurich classic main courses in the city centre.

While you are in Luzern if you can get across the lake to Vitznau, there are two fabulous michelin restaurants.

Restaurant focus ATELIER at the fabulous Park Hotel - the Hotel has one of the largest wine collections in Switzerland. Take a bottle of the Thomas Studach Pinot Noir

Restaurant Sens which specialises in using pickled ingredients.

Thanks Fred!

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