Help me with a sparkling wine tasting party

I like bubbles, but my wife does not. Hence, I don’t drink it much. But we’re throwing a party for our friends to taste different types of sparkling wine, and I need some suggestions. There will be 8 couples (16 people). Here’s what I’ve come up with, but would appreciate some suggestions. Looking for a total of 8 bottles
California sparkling
Oregon sparkling (?)

Thanks to those who know way more about this than I do.

For California sparkling get some Schramsberg

Can’t help you with sparkling other than Champagne, but could you help me with my bags next time I fly? flirtysmile

For Oregon sparkling, gotta be Argyle Extended Tirage…or Tony Soter’s Sparkling Wine. But I think you need to include Pet-Nat to your basic list of types.

Thank you! That’s the kind of help I need!

If you can get Lichen Blanc de Noirs from Anderson Valley, it is a really nice California sparkler!

For the champagne, Le Mesnil has excellent distribution throughout the USA, at about $40:

Where to buy Le Mesnil | prices & local stores in USA

For the Prosecco, you can never go wrong with Zardetto [it’s a big fat blowsy wine which swallows like water]:

Where to buy Zardetto | prices & local stores in USA

And for the sweet sparklers, you have to include the Paolo Saracco Moscato d’Asti; year in & year out, Paolo Saracco is flat-out the greatest wine value in the world [I don’t know how they do it so consistently with every harvest, but they do]:

Where to buy Paolo Saracco Moscato d'Asti DOCG, Piedmont | prices & local stores in USA

Around here, you can find both the Zardetto & the Saracco in big box stores, such as Total Wine.

PS: I think I would start the tasting with the soft easy-sipping wines like the Zardetto, and save the leaner more acidic more minerally more penetrating wines for later.

Schramsberg is a great domestic; Pierre Moncuit NV is great and not expensive Champagne.

I’ve been really enjoying both Cruse Pet Nat’s and Under the Wire’s sparklers. There are some of both listed on Wine Searcher … worth trying both. I haven’t opened any of my latest shipments of each yet but 2014’s really drank well this year.

Other types to seriously consider:
English sparkling
Moscato d’Asti
Aussie sparkling Shiraz

You may want to try out one from Bugey Cerdon.

It might be fun to try a side by side wines from a company that makes Champagne and sparkling wines from California. A good example of this is Roederer.

Outside of Champagne, IMHO, some of the best sparkling wines from the Loire. You might try Chidane or Huet.

Another interesting area for sparkling wines is Germany (the wines are called Sekt). I have in the past been able to find aged Sekts from Peter Lauer that are quite good.

Moscato d’Asti is an excellent suggestion but note that these wines tend to be sweeter and very low in alcohol. Drink this at the end after the other wines.

I was going to mention thinking about some Cremants—either Cremant de Bourgogne, Cremant de Loire (see Huet, espec. 2009) or Cremant de Jura, which can all be interesting additions to a sparkler list.

Cap Classique

Are all sparkling wines I would consider.

Or Pinon!

Chambers St. carries some excellent, unexpectedly complex Moscato d’Astis.

Along with Lambrusco, Brachetto d’Acqui can be novel/interesting.


Ok I’ll play … How about:
Cava - Raventos
Prosecco - Drusian
Oregon/Washington - Sokol Blosser bluebird
CA (small) - Under the Wire
Ca (large) - vintage Roederer
Champagne (large) vintage Roederer (find same vintage…liked Howard’s idea here)
Champagne (small) - Agrapart
Vouvray - Foreau
Rose - lots and lots of choices

I tried to keep the price points similar here and not extreme as well. Also besides Roederer to pick something not straight off the market shelf, but available at a good wine shop ect.

I have had excellent still Vouvrays from Pinon but have not had a sparkling one. Can these be found outside the NYC area?