Help me understand Thierry Allemand Cornas Reynard

Today’s email from Morrell offered 2015 Thierry Allemand Cornas Reynard for $375/bottle. This seems crazy to me. For reference, at this moment, I am enjoying the heck out of a 2015 Big Basin Rattlesnake Vineyard Syrah at $50/ bottle. Is the Allemand that good?


It is one of the best N. Rhone wines made. That said, I stopped buying when it crossed the $150 mark.

If anything it’s underpriced. Most people would consider it the best wine in its region. How much are the best wines in bdx, burgundy, Barolo, Napa, etc?

It’s the only northern Rhone producer other than Chave and Verset where I’ve had a laugh-out-loud wine epiphany sort of experience, and Chave has charged that and more on release for many years.

Wholesale was $185 so quite the markup but Kermit has been hiking prices like crazy. Wholesale on the 2017 went to $235. But…based on quality…I’d say it’s fair though not sure what that even means anymore.

Better than Rattlesnake, but you got to spend your coin to find out…

Hi Jeff,

To me, Allemand are the most enjoyable of all the Northern Rhones. You actually pay less for more (I don’t know if that makes sense). They are ethereal, perfumed and have a track record of aging. You get some misses but the highs are higher than Joe Cocker.

They were once way under-valued. I still reckon they are under-valued and Thierry is not far off retirement.


Hey Jeff,

I love Rattlesnake, probably tasted 5 or 6 vintages and a fan of Bradley’s across the board.

When you start talking Allemand or Chave it’s just a different game. My wife is not a fan. The charcoal, intensity, and black olive. Cool stuff.

You can find nice bottles of Cornas in the 50-60 range if you know a good local wine shop that’ll give you an idea of the style.

To put it in reference, Chave’s family has been making wine in hermitage since the 1400’s.

Unfortunately, these classic standard bearers are out of reach for most now. Add to the list with big name white burg, DRC, and Rayas.

Chave on release is still under $300. But I’m not sure the prices you see for Allemand reflect any normal markup.

Yes, this. And post 1999 Chave doesn’t come all that close, especially for early drinking. At worst (unless corked), Allemand is good. At best it’s spectacular and certainly the closest northern Rhône currently gets to Burgundy, if you like that sort of thing. It can be an ethereal wine, which isn’t something I’d say of Syrah and I think easily the best wine being made in the northern Rhône today.

How does the Allemand Chaillot, which I understand is made from younger wines, compare to the Reynard?

Now I want to see for myself. It would be interesting to include it in a blind Northern Rhône styled Syrah tasting.

If you’ve never had it and can afford it then by all means you should do so. I don’t think anyone can argue that it isn’t one of the great wines of the world.

I’m lucky that nathan introduced me to them with the 1994 vintage so I have a small but adequate stock.

Was that due in part to the tariff? Looks very close to a 25% increase – the tariff rate.

Ex-domaine it’s 50 EUR to private clients, so I don’t think the tariff has much to do with it.


Some people here are simply price insensitive, but I envy those lucky private clients who pay 1/6 of what’s asked here.


Lol @ underpriced at $375. Are you nuts?

Same as Gonon, it is one of this board’s darling. It is certainly very good, but not THAT good. People are just caught in the hype.

I tasted a Reynards 2005 three weeks ago and volatile was just unbearable. We were 8 that night and we didn’t finish the bottle.

Go ahead if you have the $$$ and want to know what the fuss is about. Just don’t expect to fall head over heels. To me, it is certainly not in the same league as Rayas or Vega Sicilia or a great Barolo etc. And I love Northern Rhône as much as anyone.

Les goûts et les couleurs… :wink:


You are right, it’s not in the same league as Rayas or Vega Sicilia, it’s better. Also, judging northern Rhônes by 05s is…odd. And I just had the 05 Reynard on Christmas too.

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05 Reynard might be one of my favorite Allemand to date. Also I think if someone thinks Vega Sicilia is better than Allemand, Allemand might not be in their target wheelhouse. Guigal LaLas on the other hand might. lol.

But Allemand does have VA issues. But allemand isn’t really a “board darling”. It’s a world wide darling ha.

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