Help me pick two from this Swiss wine list!

Dinner for four with my wife and kids tonight at Pavillon in Zurich. I was thinking a sparkling wine, maybe sparkling rosé to start, then ??? No clue what we’ll order food wise. I’m just soliciting suggestions for pearls from the list. Thanks all, and Cheers!


That’s a pricey list, nothing jumps out at me. But there are some amazing Swiss wines, and most never leave the country. So I would work with the somm to find something Swiss.

The champagne list is way overpriced. The Philliponnat is probably the best buy. The reds for Swiss include the Erich Meier Pinot that I have found quite nice and fairly rpiced.

The thing that struck me about that list was on page 2:

For wines older than 1995, our sommelier guarantees origin and top stored conditions, every bottle ordered is considered as sold. Thank you for your understanding.

Is that becoming more common these days?

Eric Levine to the white courtesy phone.

I love looking at wine lists! It appears all fairly recent vintages post 2000 and then they have some really old bottles, most likely bought at auction?
Has the 2009 Dom Perignon been out long?

Ooh, didn’t see this yesterday. I hope you tried the Swiss wines; doing so was a highlight for me on a trip a couple of years ago. Any nice place I ate, I just asked the somm for guidance – unfortunately I wasn’t writing down most of the wines and frankly didn’t expect ever to see most of them again, given how few are available even in the rest of Europe, much less the US, but enjoyed a couple of very nice Pinots on the lighter side and a white from near the Italian border for which I don’t remember the grape/blend.

– Matt

2010 Bruno Collin Chassagne Montrachet le Chaumees 1er cru(white)
2009 Claude Dugat Gevrey (red)

Sparkling by the bottle: NV Phillipeonnat

Personally I’d rather splurge on two glasses of 09 cristal for $52 (a really good price for btg cristal) to start and then go for the white & red. Have a good dinner!

Thanks for the suggestions! We indeed relied on the young sommelier, and explored Swiss wines.

2016 Charles Bonvin Fils Petite Arvine Noble Cépage - Switzerland, Valais (12/8/2017)
A new variety for me, and a great bottle. Not terribly complex, but intensely mineraled both on the nose and palate. To me, it resembled a cross between a Loire Sauvignon Blanc and a very dry Chenin Blanc.

2015 Thomas Studach Pinot Noir - Switzerland, Eastern Switzerland, Bündner Herrschaft, Malans (12/8/2017)
My first Swiss Pinot Noir. Dark berry fruited nose, nice earthy/mushroom palate. Ample acidity, no noticeable new oak, but a structure suggesting old barrel aging.

2014 Didier Joris Syrah Chamosite - Switzerland, Valais (12/8/2017)
We ended the night with this half bottle, a Swiss syrah grown in Valais, near the glacial origin of the Rhone River Valley.
Dark berries and pepper, mildly chewy tannins. Elegant, on the lighter side of syrah.

I was actually here about 3 weeks ago - hope you had a great meal - I was sadly seated behind a table full of screeching children and then a mixed table that contained a group of elevated talking Brits and one obnoxiously loud American woman.

I did a Dom Perignon (09?) and Andre Clouet Rose by the glass. Solid choices with my meal. Plus some Hennessy Paradis to finish the evening.

I ordered a 1/2 of riesling (IIRC) but it took forever to get and I just went back to champagne as I wouldn’t be able finish the 1/2 bottle.

Doesn’t sound like much of a guarantee to me. I’d pass.

Noticed this in 2 restaurant in Zurich - one was 1990 and the other was 1995 - I didn’t ask for specifics but it did deter me from ordering any of those wines.

Does this mean that if you ask for it, you’ve bought it even without looking at it (never mind tasting it)? So if they bring it out and it has obvious leakage or level problems, too bad? (Those things can happen even if storage is “top condition”.) Just curious.

If you are still there, try Veltlinerkeller. It’s in the same area as Pavillon.

Sorry I missed this thread. I was traveling on the 7th. :frowning:

Great picks!

Missed this as well. Never ate there and an overall weak wine list on the Swiss side. Didier Joniis is a very solid producer and either either Bonvin or Luc Massy would have been good on the wihites. Les Hutins from Geneva is a good domaine as well,

Great way to put it. It’s starting to dawn on people that the true northern Rhône is actually in Switzerland and that the traditional southern Rhône cépages are doing very well in Switzerland. Spot on note on the Chamosite. Got 10 or so vintages and am sitting on the fence with his reds. His whites on the other hand are always a sure bet. Blue chip stuff imo. [cheers.gif]

Sorry my computer autocorrected your LeVine to my Levine.

I’ll have to find his whites the next time I visit! Overall, I was impressed with this foray into Swiss wines.