Help, I need some new pots

Other than a Green Pan for omelets, a Le Cruset for casseroles and a large heavy cast-iron, my wife and I are generally not happy with our pots and pans, which represent a random collection of items we have bought over the years. Can anyone recommend a brand/set that we can buy that will just make me happy when I use them. The pot and pan equivalent of a really good knife. You do not need it, but it makes cooking more fun. I am 69 years old, and I figure if I invest in some good pans, they will carry me until all I can eat is oatmeal and cream of wheat.

We recently purchased Demeyere Industry5 pots and pans and are very happy with the performance. A little bit on the expensive side but they look like they will last.

Noo Joizee just legalized the stuff.

But I am a Type II diabetic so getting the munchees is bad.

+1 for Demeyere, excellent design and quality. Really even heating, and the handles might be my favourite part about them. Really highlights their thoughtful design considerations. It disperses heat well and doesn’t heat up the handle. It’s also welded to the outside instead of riveted which makes cleaning a lot easier. Expensive, but built for performance and to last

We bought an induction range for our new house so need recs for pots etc. Fortunately, cast iron works.

For pots, I like Dansk–but admit it’s mostly for the aesthetic. For pans, I have a bridge burner with a Le Creuset cast iron reversible grill/griddle that is my work horse. For skillets I’m convinced by carbon steel and like Darto and AUS-ION by Solidteknics. I have a large amount of antique cast iron that I very rarely get out. I have gas, so copper doesn’t seem like that great of a benefit. I know you said you wanted a set, but I’m an asshole.

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I gave away my Made In. I don’t like that there are rivets going into the skillet. The handle stuck up too far to fit under the broiler. There is no heat dissipation mods in the handle so you can pick it up. The quality is okay but the design isn’t great.

All Clad regularly has “factory second” sales at half off. That makes it reasonably priced, but I haven’t compared closely to Made In normal pricing.
We have one Demeyere pan, which seems heavier than necessary. Beautiful pan, though.

I’ve been happy with both Hestan (originally recommended on this board by Mark G) and my All Clad copper core.

And my old copper bottomed Revere Ware from their early period I got from my mom though some of them have warped.

You might find this thread useful:

I know this is not what you want to hear, but I’m done with buying high end pots and pans unless its from HomeGoods or HomeSense or one of those type stores. Every time I’m in one of those stores, I see plenty of All Clad, Calphalon, Cuisinart, Le Crueset, Staub, etc. for a fraction of the price. I actually don’t understand how Williams Sonoma stays in business.

With regard to non-stick pans, I buy cheap ones from the same stores and use them until the non-stick factor sucks. And then I buy a new one. I don’t remember paying more than $8-10 for an 8" non-stick omelette pan.

All Clad users here. Our main pots/pans are the All Clad “copper core”. We have some that are aluminum core (with stainless) and the bit of copper is a nice touch in terms of use and still not too heavy. Those aluminum core ones may go to the kids and are 30+ years old. These are daily use for a family family of 5 for over 20 years and still going strong. We have one all clad saucepan is all copper but it is too heavy for everyday use, just specific sauces.

I remain very happy with my All-Clad saucepans (have both the old MC and MC2 lines as well as newer copper core TK line). I also have plenty of skillets from the same lines but never use them - I always reach for either Lodge cast iron or some carbon steel that I picked up at Homegoods. I wouldn’t repurchase expensive skillets.

I never regret going for my All-Clad, although I have quite an assortment in my collection (including some Cuisinart steel from 40 years ago. Indestructible

I don’t use their frying pans, though - mostly restaurant nonstick and cast iron

About 40 years ago I bought Paderno pots & pans and have loved them ever since. We cook alot ! They are indestructible and heavy duty. Warranteed for life and used on Queen Elizabeth’s ship & Air Force One.They are no longer made, however these (below) seem close and with same name, made in Canada !
Good luck !

We enjoy ours. They cook really hot, which can be a negative as well as a positive.
I especially like the saucier.

Misen is another option.

The difference from most others is the rounded bottom on the sauce pans, which is nice if you really use them to make sauces.

They currently have a 25% off code FEAST

Made In is running a 25% off promotion too.

All Clad fans in this house. Bought a set with a heavy discount that I found on a post here. Posted more to tell you about Bar Keeper’s Friend, which I use to clean my pans/pots. Used powder, steel wool and some warm water and cleaned up two years of grime in about 30 mins. Have used previously on a Mauviel sauce pan, as well.