HELP for touring in Spain

Need some advice and help in setting up a week in Spain. Will fly into Madrid and want to hit Rioja and then southwest to Ribera and hopefully into Toro.

ANY HELP in ideas for moderate places to stay and eat and if anyone has any pull in getting appointments at any places (would love to go to Numanthia-Termes) among others

Please?? [thankyou.gif]

Eric, have you seen these:

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In particular, check out Michel’s blog.

Galicia, Spain, recommendations? - Travel, Wine Tourism, and Restaurants Forum - WineBerserkers" onclick=";return false;

I was in this area in the end of June/July. In Rioja we stayed at the Hotel Ciudad de Cenicero. This was affordable and an excellent central location with parking. We went to R Lopez de Heredia Tondonio… a wonderful place to sense the history of Rioja. We went to Ramirez de la Piscena just outside San Vincente de La Sonsierra… contact Pilar … and got the sense of the up and coming winery. We also went to Ysios, Darien… modern art wineries.

In Ribera we had pre=arranged contacts with Emilio Moro thru Jorge Ordonez. Contact and tell her Matthew and Lisa Billet recommended you to her. We stayed at the Hotel Ribera Del Duero… and didn’t care for it. There is another place in Penefiel that we visited that seemed vastly superior…formerly a convent… Convento Santa Clara that I would go back to. Pesquera is right next to Moro. Reservations in these locals… preferably during the week…are absolutely necessary. In Aranda del Duero area I strongly recommend El Lagar De Isilla (restaurant in Aranda… winery in La Vid). Again, contact Pilar and use our names to get good treatment. English is limited in Ribera. Use Convento to help with reservations. Good luck!

Thanks! have already emailed Barbara.

Anyone else??


In Rioja, we stayed in Haro at Los Agustinos, which was wonderful and has an exceptional restaurant–Las Duelas. Definitely visit Lopez de Heredia–best tour (and best wine!) in Rioja. We also had a very nice (and very personal, which culminated with us finishing off nearly a full bottle of Cirsion) at Roda. Many wonderful little Tapas places throughout all of these cities. Laguardia is gorgeous too. I can’t speak to Ribera or Madrid–because we did Barcelona and San Sebastian last summer.

Thanks Ryan!

We are going to Las Duelas as I have heard over and over how great it is.

did you see my rioja posting a few threads down? Asador Alameda in Fuenmayor is great for steak and much more. Pintxos hopping in Logrono is a must while you’re in the area.

Here is a guide for Rioja that has some usefull info.

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Thank you Mark!

Here is a link to Gerry Dawes’s articles about Rioja and Ribera del Duero. More good stuff. I leave for Spain next week.

Ribera del Duero


This is an amzing site for food and wine travel in Spain.

Does anybody have a hook-up at Pesqera or Condado de Haza? Could use the help!