Help! Can't Find 6x2 Cardboard Boxes to Buy

So I found a killer vendor of boxes in the size I want (the 6x2 as Chuck suggested) but they’re in Australia! So nutty. Anyone have any ideas for me for a supplier?

I sure do appreciate it!!


~ Monica :slight_smile:

6 x 2 x ?

They are called 6 x 2 because you can lay down six bottles horizontally on top of six bottle horizontally.

The dimensions are actually 20.5x12.5x6.5 (or thereabouts)


+1. This is relevant to my interests (though Domaine does supply them for a cost).

Monica, have you considered 1x6s and 2x3s? They are also very handy to use.

1x6 would be absolutely ideal for me, what’s your source for those?

Never been able to find one! Some stores deliver them to me, or I just get used boxes. High-end Burgundy ocs come in those nice 6-pack boxes.

Well heck I’m open to a lot of stuff at this point. I just want it to be safe and sturdy for long term storage without being crazy bulky. OPEN TO IDEAS!! newhere



I got enough to move about 700 bottles from a friend who owns a small local retailer over a couple of months, and probably could have gotten them faster if necessary. They were just cases that stock came in, and would have gone into a recycling bin if I didn’t take them so they were free. Retailers tend to prefer 3x4 vertical boxes since they are easier to pack with mixed orders and orders of less than a full case.

Smaller shops that stock a lot of French wines tend to be a good source, since most wines come in 2x6 cases and they are less likely to have space for a lot of empty boxes, so you may be doing them a favor by recycling the boxes for them.

Thanks Mike I’ll try that too! :slight_smile:

~ Monica

The two x six lay flats are available from JJ Buckey.
But they are pretty impractical to ship.

The two x three lay flat magnum boxes are difficult to find.
However, they are the best magnum storage boxes that I have come across.

Both boxes are manufactured by Packaging Plus, but there is a large minimum order.

Domaine has these. Both bottle and mag sizes.

Same answer I gave you in Wine Pimps when you asked there…

I’m striking out with Packaging Plus. The one in GA is a private company and not the one you are referring to and they don’t have the boxes I am looking for.

I called JJ Buckley and I think it’s too early in California for anyone to answer the phone. :slight_smile:

Brian, I checked Mr. Box Online and although I have looked and looked, they don’t appear to have the 6x2 lay down boxes. (If you have found them, please private message me more info because I can’t find them).

Peter when you say “Domaine” has these boxes, can you be more specific? How can I find the mysterious Domaine online? (As you might imagine that’s a pretty common word when Googling)

Thanks all.

My link is for the 6 layer 2 bottle flat pulp boxes. I’m confused.

Brian, the boxes that you linked to only hold only three bottles per layer for a total of twelve in the box but it’s a huge box.

The boxes I’m seeking hold six bottles on each layer and the box holds two layers for a total of twelve bottles in a much smaller footprint.


Try they have a various assortment of boxes, packing material etc.

THANK YOU!! champagne.gif

Are they all Bordeaux bottles? That Australian version is not going to hold anything but in that configuration.
Best bet to keep them tightly packed is original cardboard boxes which have a smaller cu/in displacement than your lay flat models.

I think these are the ones you’re talking about:

They’re in Toronto and appear to be a local setup, but they may be willing to point you to a source.