Hello and a TN: 2005 Gran Elias Mora

Hi everyone,

I mostly lurked and posted sporadically at the Squires board and now I’ve come here to scour and absorb information (mostly) in silence. I’m rather new at this hobby, but have developed affinity towards the wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Tuscany. And perhaps one day I’ll have gained enough experience and wisdom to provide useful feedback!

I bought the following from Cinderella wine and it seemed to be unanimously loved … but I opened one tonight and drank a glass over 3 hours and it failed to impress me.

2005 Gran Elias Mora
Disappointing given the ample positive TNs. Nose of mostly oak. Very dense jammy blackberry on the palette, but too ripe and extracted for me. It is quite smooth and velvety, and there’s a hint of spice but other flavours I desire in a Spanish tempranillo such as smoke, leather, earth are missing. The finish lacks acidity and tannins are rather bitter. 87

I’ll revisit this tomorrow to see if there was much change. Has anyone else tried this and thought it was less than spectacular? Or perhaps my bottle is subpar.

My limited experience with Spanish wines in '05 left me with similar results - the fruit often seemed stewed.

I was a big fan of the 01…