Heavenly match lobster & '95 Pinot Auxerrois

Pulled an orphan '95 Blanck Pinot Auxerrois VV to serve with a pound of chicken lobster tails and linguine with a sauce of butter garlic and parsley, a great match. The petrol and minerality cut the butter perfectly, who knew?

had to look up chicken lobster–thought it a bizarre term–used for lobsters weighing between one and two lbs. Never had red with lobster!

Pinot Auxerrois is white, though. Never heard of drinking it this old.

P Hickner

Pinot Auxerrois (now just Auxerrois in Alsace) is a white grape.

Either had I but good storage and a great bottle seemed to be a match I haven’t hadn’t seen in awhile. Great surprise, also Joyce consumed much more then is her normal [cheers.gif]

Oh. Guess I should have looked that up, too.

I think both Blanc and Auxerrois have sneaky aging potential. Why not?

It is Paul BLANCK and VV vines. Wine was a lovely amber and no must on the nose.