HEATER ALLEN ON FRONT COVER OF 2021 SUMMER 'Brewing Industry Guide'!

Congratulations Rick! - Great article - I didn’t know you brewed with your daughter. How cool -

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It was a fun interview and really cool to get the recognition.


Really great. Congratulations for the well deserved recognition.

So irritating. I have to drive an hour just to hope to find Rick’s beer, as it is.

Next thing you know, he’s going to making more money on merch than beer and have bouncers outside the door at the brewery.

Awesome! Something to celebrate when we get together later in the month!

I feel compelled to note that this post was entirely in jest. I’m incredibly happy for Rick’s success and have followed at a distance since the VinoCellar days :smiley:

The “bouncers” line was a reference to my experience at the RRB Santa Rosa storefront :smiley:

My daughter (and head brewer) Lisa makes the Wine Enthusiast’s “Top 40 Tastemakers Under 40”

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Awesome recognition. Yeah Lisa!

Lisa is killing it. I can drink the Heater Pils and Helles all the time.

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