Healdsburg Lunch

Not sure if this is the right place to post but I am going to be in Healdsburg tomorrow. Does anyone have a recommendation for a lunch spot with a good wine list? Some old world offerings would be a bonus. Thank you.

Or a place that offers corkage

That’s actually a tougher question than it sounds. Going on face value of your ask: Friday: Healdsburg: Open for Lunch; Good Wine list, preferably some old world offerings.

Here are my thoughts:
-Guiso - great food, open for lunch, shockingly unacceptable wine list but will offer corkage

-Barn Diva- not open

-Single Thread- not open

-Journeyman - great burger & decent pizza, but limited menu and no corkage allowed and they only serve their wine which is “ok” but no old world offerings to speak of.

-Roof 106 - acceptable food overall (inconsistent) and if you ask for The Mathesson’s wine list (on the iPad) there are many choices for old world offerings and in my opinion (at lunch in Healdsburg on a Friday) probably your best overall option.

-Molti Amici- Good pasta, good food overall, but punching below the weight of the fire power in that kitchen - decent enough wine list with some old world options

-Tiza Bistro - not open

-HBG- Not acceptable in any way

-The Mathesson- not open

-The Madrona - Small lunch menu, but one of the greatest $28 burgers I’ve ever had. Great wine list, lots of old world - 3x-4x mark-up on wine.

Not an exhaustive list, but it’s a start - if you can narrow it down to food type/cost it could be more helpful, or if you wanted to expand into Geyserville/Forestvile. Have fun - it should be a GREAT day on Friday!

Isn’t tomorrow Thursday?

The best lunch in town right now - imo - is Lo & Behold, but I’d give up on finding a good wine list around lunch time. (edit: that’s probably too harsh, but you’ll probably drink better bringing your own wine.) This is wine country - the places are full of their local wine, and they’re proud of that too. If you can stand the drive, head up to Geyserville and go to Diavola. You’ll find a really solid Italian list there.

edit: I think you can bring wine for corkage at Lo & Behold. Laura - one of the owners - is a wine geek and would probably be stoked if you brought something interesting.

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Ha, ha! You’re absolutely right! I’ve been in Europe and I’m a bit dazed and confused with a bit of Jetlag! Good catch, thank you!

Doesn’t get a lot of love here, but being in a hotel, Dry Creek Kitchen is an option. Doesn’t necessarily fit your preferences with old world wine (it’s been a long time, I do not remember the list).

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Old World Wines in H’bg? Come on…

Every restaurant with wine service around here offers corkage. If you must, stop in Santa Rosa at Bottle Barn and grab your Old World bottle.

I 2nd the Diavola recco.

Dry Creek Kitchen has been remodeled and has a new chef that’s killing it, but they don’t do lunch.

Good to know……been a long time since we’ve been.