Heady Topper, Lawson's, Hill Farmstead Pre-Sale

Going on a nice little 16 hour drive through the state of Vermont Thursday. Not exactly sure what or how much I’m coming back with, but those who express interest will get first dibs. I’ll get plenty of HT and Lawson’s. HF is really TBD.

Heady Topper $60 per 4pk SOLD
Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine $60 per 4pk
Hill Farmstead:

Arthur: Farmstead ale brewed with American malted barley, American and European hops. 750ml, $35

Twilight of the Idols: Porter brewed with coffee and aged on vanilla beans. 500ml, $30 SOLD

Flora aged on blueberries, black currants and raspberries: A few barrels of Flora were selected, and that beer was aged further on a blend of fresh, hand-picked berries from Greensboro and East Hardwick. 375ml, $70. SOLD

Florence: Our Farmstead Wheat Ale aged in our French Oak Puncheons. 750ml, $35

Dorothy: Dry-hopped pale ale fermented with Brettanomyces. 750ml, $35

Everett: Robust American Porter. 500ml, $25 SOLD

Leaves of Grass - November 22nd, 2015: A Belgian-inspired brown ale open-fermented in an oak tank. In keeping with the style, this is complex, rich and beautifully effervescent. 375ml, $20 SOLD

Elaborative Three: We crafted this imperial stout with Rapadura, a traditional unrefined cane sugar, then aged it for 20 months in a variety of bourbon barrels. 500ml, $70. SOLD

Shipping is extra, at your own risk, PayPal FF or else +3%


Not questioning your pricing here, Eric, but is HT really going for that kind of coin now? Wow!

About 2 years ago, a friend of mine brought me 12 cans of it. I drank them all. Think I still have a pic somewhere of them all in my fridge…

That’s what I sold them for back in May when I went and I sold out in a day. Ends up being about $75 for a 4pk shipped 3 day.

Bump, all heady topper and Hill Farmstead is spoken for, but still have some Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine left @$60 per 4pk plus shipping.

i’ll give you $40 for the SOS and i’ll email you a fedex label.

Pricing is not negotiable. Sorry.

Hey Eric.

My son and I are going to have some bonding time tomorrow (tuesday) and make a pilgrimage to VT to try and buy some Heady Topper. First time, any rec’s? Thks!

So this time of year is the worst time to do a heady run as the lines are 3-4x what they usually are. Tuesday’s are generally the best day to go and follow the truck as they hit winooski beverage twice (first and last) and they sell cases. If you want a case, I’d speculate you’d need to be there 2 hours prior to opening, if you each are looking for just a few 4 packs, 45 min will likely get you 2 apiece. Pay then re-enter the line and you could scoop another single at the very end.

1 last 4pk of Heady Topper left, as a previously interested party is not responding to PMs. $60 plus shipping. SOLD

Just sip of sunshine left.

Super Smooth Transaction with Eric.

I can say from my perspective living half way across the world from Hill Farmstead that I would never get the chance to try these if it weren’t for people like Eric travelling up there to get them. The price premium is worth is to me no doubt. Hill Farmstead is in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks for the hookup.

PS. I’d much rather be the whole dick than just the head.

One last 4pk of Heady Topper Left, miscounted inventory.