Heading to a small champagne tasting

Here’s our contribution. TN’s to follow.

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Question: what’s the benefit of posting this kind of teaser now without any real content, instead of waiting until you have all the tasting notes ready to be posted along with the pictures?

Just asking for a friend who could post empty teasers like these for 3-4 days per week, every single week, for the whole year. If people really want threads like these, I am - that is my friend is - ready to post stuff like this the moment you say so!


I’m a fan of Champagne with time on the cork. The 7 years on the Vilmart could be optimal or a little too long.
What’s the verdict?

The Ulysse Colin seems like it might be almost rudely young. The current vintage releases from the two growers I represent are 2008 and 2012.

Dan Kravitz

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I do it all the time…get the juices flowing, then add notes later? I see zero issue with it…more talk and pics about WINE the better!


I’m simply upset that I wasn’t invited. newhere

Here are my brief tasting notes. All wines served blind.

#1. I guessed champagne BdN, young NV (I was assuming this was a champagne tasting, but it was a “sparkling” theme). Nice, simple, clean, slight bitterness on the finish.
NV Blue Mtn Reserve Brut, Okanagan Valley, BC. We can buy this for the low $20’s here. Crazy good value.
#2. A beautiful wine. Another obvious Pinot noir. Gained weight throughout the night. Citrus, red berries, ginger, nutmeg, peach, flinty minerality. NV (‘16) Ulysse Collin BdN Les Maillons.

#3. Waxy; Apricot, hazelnut ginger. Nice wine. Never heard of the producer. 2007 Charles Gardet
70% Chard, 30% Pinot Noir
#4. Magnum; easy going, apple and cherry. Would be a fun wine on its own. NV Pol Roger Reserve.
#5. Light bodied. Pretty Rosè. Cranberry, rose, cherry. NV Jean Vesselle Brut Rosè.
#6. Another Rosè. Really generous, bold nose; Pinot dominant. Red berries, lees, violets. I guessed either American, or a beast of a Bouzy. Surprised by the reveal: 2014 Ferrari Brut Perlé Rosé, Trentino Alto Adige.
#7. Need to breath off the funk; better with air. Strong nose. Mushroom, coffee, burnt baked apple. Some of us who appreciate senescent wines loved it. Others thought it more cadaverous than senescent. NV (1995) René Collard Cuvée Ultime Brut Nature. I believe this was 100% Meunière. Who else was doing 100% Meunière and non-dosage in 1995?

#8. Bored me initially, but I liked it better later when I came back to it. Citrus, cherry, apple. Medium weight. NV Frederic Savart l’Ouverture
#9. Simultaneously tight and generous. Lemon curd, orchard fruit, biscuits. While I loved it, there was the sensation it was stuck in a low gear, with more to give in time. It might be halfway to its developmental zenith. 2008 Vilmart Coeur de Cuvée.

Fun night in a beautiful setting.


Great pictures and TNs, thanks Warren.

Your Savart note does not surprise me. I haven’t had this particular disgorgement but my past experiences show that they need 5 to 7 years to start to open up. Here the last one I had earlier this spring:

Agree re the 08 vilmart cdc. Had it 3 times in the last month or so and it needs more time. The 08 GCdO from mag on the other hand is sensational right now!

While exceptional wines, both seemed restrained and young, IMO. While my credibility could be questioned as my palate leans towards mature champagne, I don’t think anyone last night felt they were at peak. The Vilmart seemed to be holding back even secondary scents and flavors, without any tertiary notes whatsoever (although Alan W posted a recent note where his was showing well). The Coeur de Cuvée and the Maillons were both from my cellar, and would have showed better had they rested there a while longer.

Certainly seemed like a fun tasting. Although i’m not surprised in the slightest that the Vilmart, Collin and Savart all need more time. The 2007/2008 Vilmart Grand Cellier D’or are just starting to drink really well right now. The 2005 CDC was in a great spot recently, possibly at peak.

Ah, the Pacific Northwest. A chilly day where everyone is in coats and sweaters, but some dude still has to wear shorts.

You probably said somewhere and I missed it. Where was the tasting? Sure looks beautiful.


We live in Bellingham, WA. This was a friend’s house who build a pandemic-friendly veranda for entertaining. In the photo looking west over Bellingham Bay, you can see Lummi Island, Orcas Island, Eliza, Guemes and other San Juan Islands. This house is right near the water. Ours has a similar view from higher ground.


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Lovely place. I went to WWU up there. We use to love hanging out at Clark’s Point outside of Fairhaven before it got developed. Now my step-daughter goes to school there too.

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Warren- great notes! I did a double take looking at the picture of the tasting veranda. Went back and looked up an old Facebook post. Turns out a friend of ours who used to live in Haines AK worked on that project for almost a year! Small world. So great to see it in use.

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Damn 2008 Vilmart Coeur de Cuvee. I’m hanging onto a few more and I remember pretty clearly about 4 years ago there was a stack of these, probably, 4 dozen bottles, here locally at about $129. I wish I would have bought another 6 of them when I had the chance. With the appreciation I have now, as do a few others around here, for both that wine and Laurent’s touch at Vilmart, I don’t short buy this wine anymore. 4-6 bottles each vintage now of both Grand Cellier d’Or and Coeur de Cuvee.

Good tasting, Warren. Thank you for sharing.

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Agree with Phil, I find Savart NV is best 2+ years post disgorgement

He did a great job!



I agree with Otto. Unless there are questions about a wine to be opened I am not interested in what you are going to eat or drink. I am interested in how the wine was. Thanks for the great notes on the champagnes.