Headed to Paris and Bdx--restaurant and store recs?

Which stores or restaurant wine lists would you say have the best combination of mature fine wine, reliable provenance, and competitive pricing? I’m pretty resistant to restaurant markups on wine over, say, 1.75x retail.

One site I like to look at and that pointed us to a couple of fun spots:

Don’t be put off by the German story up now, scroll down to the links on the right hand side and look for “Paris Wine Bars.”
He also has an entry of wine shops from a few years ago

BTW - my experience with Bordeaux in Paris shops was that pricing was no better than what I could get in the US. We did go to an E.Leclerc that had somewhat better prices, but not compelling enough to lug it back to the US. I brought home wines I couldn’t get here. Cellartracker and wine-searcher could help guide you in your retail selections

Lots of threads in Travel you should check out. I can’t say we saw any jaw dropping lists in Paris, but a quick train ride gets you to Reims and Les Crayeres, which has a list of champagnes that is absolutely mind-boggling. Even if the meal wasn’t among the best I’ve ever had, I’d go back just for that list (and the somms, who know the list backwards and forwards)