Have You Tried These Burgundy Producers?

Hi Everyone!

I came across a few Burgundy producers and was wondering if anyone tried them before? Curious to see what you all thought!

Maison Harbour
Maison des Joncs
Agnès Paquet
Alexandra Couvreur
Raphaëlle Guyot
Yann Durieux (I know he worked alongside Henri Roch in the past, though I’ve never tried his wines personally)
Maison Uliz

Thank you all and have a great day!

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Yes. Great producer and Berserker Day participant for many years. I have been fortunate enough to buy a couple of times via BD and they don’t disappoint

Where are you located Alessandro?

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Maison Harbour:
An American making negociant wines in Burgundy, if I am not mistaken. Sound wines, but in my opinion not very Burgundy like, rather Californian/New World style.

Maison des Joncs:
A female Korean winemaker, now in charge of Chateau Grillet. Only two vintages made. I only know the reds: firmly on the natural side, good fruit, but lacking tension.


Great whites. Had a Chassagne recently that was just wonderful. I’ve got an Auxey-Duresses that will be drunk very soon. I haven`t tried the reds. Their wines are starting to get recognition and they are a lot tougher to get.


Hey! Thanks for your reply, I’m based in New York City.

I’m glad to hear you like them. I picked up a few bottles of of Harbour ‘15 Gevrey the other day, I’m excited to see how they are!

Alexandra Couvreur Is already quite hard. Super Aligote.

I sell Raphaelle Guyot, and we only sell things we really like. Not really Burgundy though. (Half way between Chablis and Sancerre)

Maison Uliz Is Antoine Petitprez, very nice wines.

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If you enjoy Aligoté, try Yann Durieux’s Love and Pif. It will certainly give you a look into what can be done with a lesser-known grape in a very unique way.

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Nice! To be honest I just found out about Alexandra Couvreur a couple of weeks ago, but I’m glad to hear the wines are solid. Does she only make Aligoté?

Also, which store do you represent? Curious to see what you have in stock :relaxed:

Thank you for your reply and have a great day!