Have you stopped buying wine?

I have. My cellar is too big, my consumption has been declining, and there is no need to impress anyone.
Wine deal e-mails now face unread deletion.

Victor, you are a stronger man than I. I’d fit into all of these categories, but just can’t hit “delete”. Hoping for willpower soon.

I;ve cut back by 60-70%. Everything in moderation

i haven’t completely stopped buying but have slowed down considerably. deals have to be VERY good or the connection very strong for large purchases. while not good for my wine suppliers it’s the way it needs to be. on the plus side the bulk of the cellar has been locked away so it has not taken a large hit at this point.

Why is this thread in Asylum?

Have you forgotten there is Wine Talk here, Victor? [snort.gif]

Yes for exactly the same reasons.

I am buying more than ever, happy with my purchases and cellar, and enjoy drinking wine immensely.

Ditto, I’ve cut back at least 75% over the past year. Had to cut back my wine clubs and quite a few of the lists. Still buying occasional bargains at auction, but so much good wine out there and so little $$$ to go around.



I think it depends on why you’re interested in wine: the chase or the consumption. (It can be both; you don’t have to choose.) For those who love the chase, they never stop buying even if they have enough. That’s fine… they just have a big sale every few years to get their cellar back down to size and rebalance.

There was an interesting thread a few weeks ago on how much your wine weighs. If you really want to stop buying, calculate how much your collection weighs. It’s terrifying.

We’ve cut back, but not because the cellar is full: (Economy) + 2 (Private School Tuition) = 0 $$ for wine

Still buying while I can. Retirement is not too far off.

I cut back for the summer. Too hot to have anything shipped right now.

After much exploration into different producers, regions, varietals, etc, I’ve settled on buying from only a few wineries whose sauce I consistently enjoy. I had been looking for the perfect $20 bottle, and I think I came close with 2: Bedrock SC Syrah, and Educated Guess Cab; so that experiment is done as far as my cellar is concerned. I’m not to the auto-delete stage yet for deal e-mails, but I’d say I delete 95% of them. Consumption has stayed about flat, maybe down 10% or so for the summer, only because I drink more beer in the summer.

I always say I’m not buying, but then comes the dreaded season of the mailers…

Nope, in fact I just started again after 5 years of buying almost nothing. Wife is done with grad school, oh happy day!

My wine purchases have increased, but overall cost per bottle has declined. While I still buy some of the so-called trophies from time to time, I really focus more on wines I want to drink on a weekly basis, those falling in the under $30 camp. Luckily, we have a plethora of very strong wines in that category.

Almost, but occasionally a deal comes along, generally back vintage stuff but once or twice over the past year a great deal on something both inexpensive and cellarable tempts me.

I should stop, for the reasons you’ve stated, but so far I have only been able to significantly slow my purchases.


I haven’t bought a single bottle since last week.

Yes, at least 10 times this year alone for all the reasons you state, but then… I am so weak.