Have you asked a somm to shake up your wine?

Happily putting the mollydooker shake on at least a bottle a week these days. It hasn’t come up for me at a restaurant yet, but it’s certainly coming. Anybody had to ask a somm to shake up their wine? How’d that go?

I’ve been at a few places where I stuck my thumb, or the cork, into the bottle and shook it in front of others. Got some very strange looks.

Sure, most frequently in Paris restaurants that feature ‘natural’ wines. It is not uncommon for the wine servers to do it prior to serving.

I don’t get it; I know what might be the disadvantages to shaking up a bottle of wine right before you drink it, but what are the purported advantages?

The shake takes the gas out of vin avec gas.

Correct, it removes the dissolved gases that might trick you into thinking the wine was sparkling. Sparky Marquis advocates a vigorous shake of his Mollydooker still wines. While it will remove the spritz, it does nothing to the massive extraction and gloop that is still in the bottle.

Maybe he can dissolve some metformin in it, too.


Tex- love the new avatar.

Not yet, but I may for kicks in the future :wink:

OK, wines with too much gas, but how often does that happen (virtually never, in my experience), and what about shaking up any sediment that’s in the bottle?

Decanting seems to make more sense, but maybe we’re talking certain wines that I’ve never had – young and gassy?