Has anyone tried 2019 J. Chezeaux Les Suchots?

Any reviews on this one? Also, would you say it’s his best wine?

Suchots is my fav by J. Chezeaux. Such an undervalued wine, 2016 coming in at $60 usd 2 years ago when I bought it.

Not so much anymore

So would you say it’s not worth the price anymore or compared to other suchots? Ie relative value and absolute value no good.

I think it’s still a decent deal but it’s like $129 now rather than $79.

Is it accessible early? Kind of like Joaun?

I think WK’s general comment on 2019 vintage was approachable young, but can be held for medium to long term cellaring too.

I don’t think Chezeaux’s Suchots is especially accessible early; it’s pretty different terroir than Jouan. Chezeaux’s winemaking is reasonably approachable, but for younger drinking I’d definitely go with the Boudots. I’m a big fan of their Suchots, personally - at 140 I’d certainly be a buyer.

Thank you!!! Will keep an eye out for the boudots.

I don’t think Jouan is accessible early.

Regarding Chezeaux you can definitely drink the 19 now.

Henri Jouans I’ve had across the board (msd, c-m, aux echz, sorbet, etc) including the Clos St Denis was ready for business. But they were 2009s.

Any others want to chime in? I really like Arnoux’s suchots how close is Chezeaux’s version to that?

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Have you had the 19 Suchots? I think the Suchots is his biggest wine and the least accessible but also the one that most rewards aging. The 17 isn’t ready for business, for example. It’s not, imho, terroir that lends itself to early drinking.

I have to be honest, I’ve only had one bottle of Charles’ Suchots so can’t really make a good comparison.

Sorry I meant older vintage of Arnoux suchots like 2002 and 2001. I haven’t had recent vintages of it.

Ah, those were made quite differently, so I’m not sure they’d be a useful comparison.

Yes, it’s young but good. That being said, I also drink a lot of young burgundy.

Ok. Those wines aren’t in the US yet, assume you sourced from Europe. Am having it in a few weeks, but expect the Suchots to follow the usual pattern.

Would be awesome to hear your thoughts once you’ve tried it…understand regarding the Arnoux, more heavy handed with the oak back then vs today.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it looks like Chezeaux’s les suchots plot is situated next to Arnoux’s les suchots based on a mapping by producer I just saw. Also L’Arlots plot is just across the road from Richebourg!