Has anyone else noticed a huge drop in the quality of Talenti ice cream?

When it first showed up I loved most of the flavors but more recently I’ve had one disappointment after another and am going to give up on it. The texture has gotten a bit weird and the flavor doesn’t seem as intense.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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It’s Unilever, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to improve profit margin and skate on prior reputation while decreasing the quality of the products.

Did that happen with Ben & Jerry’s?

Yes. Used to buy it regularly. Can’t remember the last time I reached for it. Salted caramel used to be amazing.

Ah, thank you. Some googling shows that Unilever bought them and there have been complaints about a decline in quality since then.

Drat. It was a delicous, reasonably priced, and readily available option for quite a while.

Poor texture often is a byproduct of poor transportation thaw/refreeze. Store bought ice cream is sadly often tainted in that way.

At least they still make a fine Brunello at a fair price.

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Ever since they broke from their core flavors and started selling trio it has sucked. Probably coincides with the ownership change.
Mint chip used to be incredible, now pedestrian.

Unilever and Nestle have cost reduced their ice cream brands to death. Buying them these days is just a waste of calories.


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The more things change, the more they stay the same. neener

I marked it by when they switched from Tahitian Vanilla to Madagascar Vanilla but I think that was the same timing.