Has anyone been to the California Wine Festival in Santa Barbara?

My wife and I are heading to SB in a few weeks and I saw that this event was going on while we’re in town. Does anyone know if it’s worth attending? There are a handful of good wineries participating according to the website. Thanks!



They have a few events including the big Saturday tasting. I have been a fan of the Friday night tasting that usually takes place at Chase Palm Park, across the street from the beach. Usually good food and a good cross section of wineries from throughout CA.

On the other hand, the Saturday event is not worth going to IMHO. It is usually very hot with not lots of shade - and the booths include not only wine but hard alcohol and beer - and it becomes quite a drunk fest pretty quickly.

I would use that time to either hit up more wineries - or just walk around the funk zone.


Thanks, Larry! Planning to go to Los Olivos instead. PM coming once I determine when we’ll be there.