Has Anyone Been to Septime in Paris Lately?

Hey All - heading to Paris in a few weeks and based on a recommendation from a friend of Katy Millard (the Chef at Coquine), I had the hotel book us a table at Septime. This being said, I am getting some mixed reviews with specific warnings to stay away from the pairing, so I would appreciate any recent experiences.

I know not every meal can be perfect, but would hate to knowingly go into something not quite right.

Hey John, been a few years since we were there, but have really enjoyed our meal the 3 times we’ve eaten there. Never did wine pairings, just ordered glasses or bottle. From what I understand, it has become even more difficult to get in there, so I’d take it, go, and enjoy. It’s not a fancy white tablecloth experience, more casual, I think you’ll enjoy the experience.

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Thanks Alan - that’s exactly what I thought looking at the photo’s, I will go, order a bottle and report back.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


Food was awesome last month, my first time. Very vegetable focussed.

I purposely scheduled my alcohol free day for that day as I don’t like natural wine. Their herbal infusion drink was super.

Very impressive that your hotel could get you in, most can’t.


Is it really that hard anymore?
I know 10 years ago, the first & only time we went, we only got a canceled Lunch through the concierge at the Park Hyatt. We plan to go back to Paris this year for our 10year but sounds like that won’t be even possible.

@Barry_L_i_p_t_o_n - thank you sir for the feedback, super helpful and encouraging! Yes, I was actually surprised that the Hotel was able to make this happen for us, I did not hold my breath. The hotel is the Hotel Signature in Saint Germain des Pres. We stayed in their sister hotel, the Hotel Londres Eiffel in 2019 and the service was great, so we think we may have found “our place” in Paris.

@Vince_L1 - It does take persistence, which is why I asked the Hotel to help. They book three weeks in advance and each day Mon through Friday at 10:00 AM open the next day. So provided the Hotel is willing to make the calls, you can get in.

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