Harvest Internship Job Board Questions

I’ve just started a new job board specifically tailored for harvest internships and positions.

While I’m aware of the existing job board on winebusiness, my goal was to focus exclusively on opportunities related to harvest work.

As I delve deeper into this industry, a few questions have arisen:

  1. What are the most effective methods for reaching out to wineries that hire harvest interns or helpers?
  2. Do individuals other than viticulture students apply for these internships?
  3. Do you have any advice or suggestions?

I welcome any feedback, suggestions, or advice you might have!

Thanks a lot!

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Are you currently working, or have you worked in the wine industry? I ask only because your question about viticulture students suggests to me that you haven’t, and if that’s the case then you’re going to need more background information than you would otherwise.

The vast majority of the seasonal harvest workers (“interns”), in the US at least, are not students. It’s a large seasonal labor force.

The winebusiness page is the de facto job board for harvest internships, though larger wine companies cast a wider net using places like Indeed and Google. What are your aims in producing a new board?

Hi Ben!

Thank you for the reply and really appreciate that info!

I am pretty new to this space as you noticed. The number one reason why I thought of starting my own was to cut down some of the prices on posting job notice for small local wineries as it seemed quite expensive to make a single post (minimum $200). Also the de facto job board that you mentioned looked little out dated as well, so I thought it might be a opportunity to revamp that :slight_smile:

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