Harrington Wines BD12: Love for the Lost ***OFFER EXTENDED!***

Harrington Wines: Love for the Lost

Harrington Wines is a small producer hell-bent on bringing to your glass the exceptional outsider grapes of California as well as producing stable wines made with little or no sulfites from organic vineyards. After twenty years of describing Harrington wines to the world, I am giving it a rest and leaving the party. So for this year’s Berserker Day offer, I am handing the mic over to the wine critics and will let their reviews bewitch and bedazzle your thirsty daydreams. The problem is, reading wine reviews isn’t very personal, so I will be available to chat on Berserker Day about the wines. Feel free to give me a call at 415.652.9655 with your questions, thoughts, desires or just to talk some wine smack. And many thanks, Berserkers, for showing love for the “lost” grape cause over these many years. Looking at you, Tom Hill!

Taste positive. Test negative.

Six Harrington offers for 2021 Berserker Day

AROMATIC REDS, 3 richly aromatic wines from Siletto Vineyard in San Benito County, 3 bottles
2018 Cabernet Franc, Calleri Vineyard, San Benito County
2015 Grenache, Siletto Vineyard, San Benito County
2018 Pinot Noir, Central Coast
2018 CABERNET FRANC, Calleri Vineyard, San Benito County (Wine Enthusiast 94)
Extremely fresh aromas of tiny wild berries and red currants meet with dusty herbs, turned soil, wet rocks, dried meat and a hint of leather on the nose of this bottling. The sip is zesty, lively and very fresh as well, combining those brisk red-fruit flavors with generous acidity and a very rocky minerality.
2015 GRENACHE, Siletto Vineyard, San Benito County (Wine Enthusiast 94)
Grenache is not known for aging, but this five-year-old bottling remains very alive and fresh with aromas of rose petals, carnation and strawberry-basil sorbet. White-pepper and snappy cran-raspberry flavors pop on the palate, finishing on a sour-cherry kick.
2018 PINOT NOIR, Central Coast (Wine Enthusiast 91)
This bottling, from both the Siletto and Woodside vineyards, begins with aromas of baked plum, cherry, dried tarragon, sagebrush and rosewater. There is a zesty sense of orange rind and tart cranberry on the palate, where dried herbs add nuance.
Berserker price: $68. + tax (if CA resident) and shipping. Regular price: $85, discount 20%

SYRAH TRIO, 3 Syrahs: one 2017 + one 2018 McEvoy Ranch & one 2017 Sumu Kaw Vineyard, 3 bottles
2017 Syrah, McEvoy Ranch, Marin County
2018 Syrah, McEvoy Ranch, Marin County
2017 Syrah, Sumu Kaw Vineyard, El Dorado County
2018 SYRAH, Marin County, McEvoy Ranch (Wine & Spirits 93, Best Buy)
Bryan Harrington makes this at his urban winery in San Francisco, working with a block of syrah vines in the coastal hills of Marin. Maurizio Castelli, the Tuscan winemaker who consults with Nan McEvoy on the organic vineyard, suggested they plant in an ancient Tuscan style, alternating rows of syrah vines and olive trees. Working with ambient yeasts and cement tanks, Harrington brought out the beauty of the coastal site, the wine refreshing and brisk, a burst of currant, daisies and cracked green peppercorn lightness. Pack it on a hike to the beach at Point Reyes for a stereophonic taste of the coast.
Berserker price: $84. + tax (if CA resident) and shipping. Regular price: $105, discount 20%

CALIFORNIA NEBBIOLO, 3 vintages from Luna Matta Vineyard in Paso Robles, 3 bottles
Nebbiolo, one bottle of 2016 vintage + two bottles of Nebbiolo from two earlier vintages
2016 NEBBIOLO, Luna Matta Vineyard, Paso Robles (Wine Enthusiast 95, Cellar Selection)
Nebbiolo lovers should lament that Bryan Harrington is retiring his brand, as he mastered the grape like few others in California. This bottling is full of spicy plum, raspberry, pepper, rose and earthy soils on the nose. The palate combines those rocky flavors and structure with rosewater, light strawberry, tar and nutmeg, elements that will only focus with time. Drink 2023–2038.
Berserker price: $84. + tax (if CA resident) and shipping. Regular price: $105, discount 20%

2016 Nebbiolo, Luna Matta Vineyard, Paso Robles
2018 Hard Luck, Barbera and Nebbiolo blend, a blend good enough for GAJA, so good enough for us
2018 Sagrantino, Calleri Vineyard, San Benito County
2016 NEBBIOLO, Luna Matta Vineyard, Paso Robles (Wine Enthusiast 95, Cellar Selection)
See review above.
2018 SAGRANTINO, Calleri Vineyard, San Benito Cty (Wine Enthusiast 94, Editor’s Choice)
The essence of stone is throughout this bottling of a grape originally from Umbria, Italy. Aromas of river stone, granite and gravel meet with red currant and underripe strawberry. The palate is brisk in acidity and mineral-driven, while taut tannins carry bright red-fruit flavors into a dry finish.
2018 HARD LUCK, Red Blend, California (Wine Enthusiast 93)
Baked raspberry and strawberry aromas meet with clove, wild plum and a hit of herbs on the nose of this bottling. There’s an herbal array to the palate, where sagebrush flavors meet with rounded plum, as firm enough tannins run from front to back.
Berserker price: $76. + tax (if CA resident) and shipping. Regular price: $95, discount 20%

LIBRARY CASE, 12 bottles
Since the winery started in 2002, a few cases of every wine produced at Harrington has been held back and carefully stored in the library cellar. We are now offering a mixed case of wines pulled from this library for $260. Over the years, the winery has produced wines from over 50 different grapes so each case will include many novel and engaging varieties. Each wine was produced with the same attention and care as was given to our best Pinot Noirs. Let us know which Harrington wines you’ve enjoyed in the past and we’ll build a case around your preferences.
Berserker Price: $260. + tax (if CA resident) and shipping. Average regular price: $360, discount 25%

Half of the same offer as above, a selection of six bottles of our best older wines from our Library.
Berserker Price: $144. + tax (if CA resident) and shipping. Average regular price: $180, discount 20%

To order, go to the PURCHASE page of the Harrington website. All of these Berserker offers are listed there: http://www.harringtonwine.com/purchase/
Sorry, we cannot ship to UT.

Bryan Harrington
Harrington Wines


In for the Aromatic Reds. Buy without fear from Harrington and the bonus is you’ll learn something along the way, Brian is a wizard.

thank you.

Count me in!

In for a Nebbiolo 3-pack. I was weighing the vertical offer Bryan had floated a few months ago, but this is optimal for my budget and storage space! I have a 2013 and 2015, so now can expand that vertical a bit. More or less depending on what the 2 library wines turn out to be :slight_smile:

Done! Winter worth Italians. Can’t wait to try the Sagrantino. Love it from Italy.

Thanks, Paul, Brig, Adam, and Greg! [cheers.gif]

We had a blind tasting of Harrington Whites in one flight and reds (about 10 red wines) in another flight about 2 years ago with about 15 experienced tasters and the group favorite was the Sangrantino. Really nice wine.

Several years ago we spent a couple of weeks in Italy. We rented a place near Montepulciano. One day we drove over through Perugia and to Assisi. Then we drove down to Bevagna and Montefalco. Fell in love with the Sagrantino wines. Had a great experience at Milziade Antano Fattoria Colleallodole.

Looking forward to these wines.

Is there a BD shipping rate outside of CA? I adore Sagrantino.

I think the shipping rates will come up on order webpage, but you can contact Bryan Harrington to check. His email address is on his website and his phone number is in the first paragraph of the BD wine offer.

Shoot Bryan an email. Not sure how he’s handling fulfillment, but if he can I’m sure he’d make sure they’re other vintages.

In for a library case! Almost missed this one!

I’ve learned a lot from Bryan, but he made me promise not to tell.

A lot of memories in those offers.


I first met Bryan at Falltacular long ago, didn’t know anything about him. Ended up in a conversation with him about some obscure topic, great conversation. Then got around to chit chat and realized he knew a little more about wine than I did. About 2 minutes later I realized he forgot more about wine than I would ever know. We tasted through his wines together and I’ve been a big fan of everything he does and the way he does it. Or did it.

The warden asked “you bought the harrington for our friend Cathy as gift?”

Yes, Bryan emailed me to confirm and said to say hello.

She said “oh, the cute guy from falltacular?”

I responded “John Cabot or Bryan?” LOL

My italian wife said get two of the italian winter wonderland specials.

Order placed.


Yep, corresponded with Bryan, all set!

Bryan a great guy! If I didn’t have the cellar full of his stuff, I’d pounce!

Everyone here figures the “cute guy” must have been John Cabot :slight_smile:

Just checked with Bryan Harrington and he’s extending his BD12 offers, in case any of you still haven’t maxed out your credit cards :slight_smile: