HappyBirthday Adam Lee.....

Today is the day. Don’t know the exact number…but I hear tell it keeps
getting bigger & bigger every year.
I suggest we all go to our front door at noon, open it up, and all
shout “Old Guy” at the same time. I bet it’ll be heard in SantaRosa. [cheers.gif]

Noon our time or his time??? I bet Adam buys himself a real nice present this year!

Nice present my ass. Unless you count 36 tons of fruit coming in today as a nice present! :slight_smile:

Oh, and yes, “old guy” will certainly be heard (and felt) around here. 51 years old…Thanks Tom Hill!

Adam Lee
Siduri Wines

Happy birthday, Adam. Oh, to be 51 again!!!

Happy birthday Adam

Happy birthday!

Ditto, Mr Lee. Ps…you forgot a ton out back.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday, Uncle Sid.