Happy Birthday--Brian Loring

Today is B Lor’s birthday. I offer this post because this is someone who has been around these parts for a long time, and still posts here, too. For some reminiscing, take a look below at the Wine Spectator piece from way back in 2003. To have stayed the course for this long, to have charted his own course for this long is amazing. And of note, Brian was one of the original founding wineries of my charity event, Falltacular. Every year since we began 13 years ago, he donates 2-3 bottles of every single wine he makes in the current vintage to be used in our event, as well as special bottles of wine for the silent auction in the garage. Every year. And, he attends the event, even when it means he has to fly out the next day to do road work to continue to keep his wines in front of people.

Brian, you’re one of the most generous and humble people I have ever met in this wine business, and so to that I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, pal! champagne.gif

And PS…he was one of the first guys I ran into that drank Champagne. Grand Siecle if I remember correctly, Mr Loring. [cheers.gif]

Woo hoo!! Happy Birthday Brian!

I like how this thread could be about how we have all met Brian so I will start.
I was doing a H.A.L.O. jump from 40,000 feet above Vegas and I had seen a bright light coming in from the west…

Actually, Brian was kind enough to visit with my CLONYC group twice (CLONYC 49 & CLONYC 51). The wines, as great as they were did not outshine Brians knowledge and enthusiasm and the group loved every minute, even the geeky ones. He is one funny guy too. Brian IS one of the most humble and generous guys I have met in ‘this thing of ours’. Happy Birthday Brian!

Happy Birthday Brian! Your birthday justifies tonight’s wine for dinner:

I know someone else that shares his birthday. Cough. [wink.gif]

Happy Belated Birthday Brian! Getting younger every year!

Happy Birthday, Brian!

As Tom Hill would say, I followed Brian from the start. A bunch of us, East Bay winos, made a trip South and visited Brian when his first release was still in barrels, at Cottonwood. Eric Lundblad and Ken Zinns were among the group. Lots of good memories since, including a great trip Brian once organized to Pisoni cave, some cars unable to even make it up the grade after torrential rain made it a nice muddy slider.

Yeah…well I’ve followed him from before the very start, when he still had his day job. Happy B-day Brian. Futures order coming in next week.

Brian was the second grape contract for our vineyard after Uncle Sid. Brian always did a great job with our fruit. Cheers.

I can still remember getting together with Brian back in 2003 here in Siberacuse and doing a wine tasting in his hotel lobby, drinking Bryant Family Cab…He was kind enough to bring me bottlings of his 2001 Clos Pepe and Gary’s PN’s… …+1 re all the nice things said above about Brian…Happy birthday, Brian…wish you all the best…

Happy birthday B!

Happy belated. Once upon a time Todd and others were soliciting folks to write blog posts. I agreed to write a few. I reached out to Brian to ask him some questions about his wines, winemaking, etc. and he took the time to answer my questions and provide some great insights. No obligation to do so and could easily have ignored me (as most wish they did soon after I open my mouth) but instead answered every question I had. Made for a fun post, and I enjoyed drinking his wines on my own!

Cheers, and happy birthday!

A truly memorable evening [cheers.gif] And a story I tell quite often.

THANKS to everyone for the Birthday wishes… and all the fond memories !!

Happy belated birthday, Brian!!

Brian - Happy Birthday. Sorry I did not get to meet you at Falltacular but I did get a chance to taste all of your wines that were poured during the day.