Happy BerserkerDay V

We are diligent. Our wines are inspired. We believe Oregon is a special place to make wine and we believe in our vineyards. We admire Burgundy, but we are not French and neither are our wines. We are not certain why we do everything we do, we can only say with confidence that we love wine and feel compelled to be involved. The work of others in this field inspires us to continue our journey to produce Oregonian wines. In return we hope to inspire others with our work.

Rather than striving for a stylistic preference, we seek balance and energy in our wines. This energy is a mystery to us and we seek to understand and harness it. Our observations lead us to believe this energy exists in wines that are made from organic fruit sources combined with wild fermentations and minimal intervention. For this reason we farm our vineyards and craft our wines using organic and Biodynamic® methods.

BerserkerDay V deals

Deal 1: 2008 Pinot Noir “Nils Reserve” library 3-pack

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2008 vintage! Nils Reserve is a barrel selection of Pinot Noir from our most structured blocks, expressing both the power and elegance of our estate grown fruit. The high percentage of whole cluster, and extended élevage, results in a wine that will benefit from time in the bottle.

2008 Nils Reserve Pinot Noir ($50 SRP) 92 pts Josh Raynolds - Steven Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar, July/Aug 2011. 92 pts - Allen Meadows’ burghund.com

BerserkerDay V deal $110 (regular price $150) and free ground shipping. Limited to the first 10 packs sold.

Deal 2: Geek Pack!

1 x 2012 Pinot Gris “ Drueskall” (Skin fermented)
1 x 2012 Gruner Veltliner “Estate” (Barrel fermented)
1 x 2011 Chardonnay “Konkret” (Concrete fermented)

2012 Grüner Veltliner is made entirely from our estate-grown grapes. The grapes were crushed and de-stemmed before given a four-day cold soak prior to pressing. It was barrel fermented with native yeasts in 500 liter French oak barrels and sur lie aged (without stirring) for 10 months where it was allowed to go through partial malo-lactic fermentation (77 cases made).

2012 Pinot Gris “Drueskall” (grape skin in Norwegian) is an orange wine or a skin macerated Pinot Gris. The fruit was de-stemmed and allowed to ferment on the skins for 16 days in a small open-top fermenter before it was pressed. It aged in two French Oak barriques and one French Acacia barrique for 10 months (70 cases made).

2011 Chardonnay “Konkret” (concrete/precise in Norwegian) was crushed, de-stemmed and given an 18-hour soak before pressing. It fermented (primary) in 70-gallon concrete tanks for 3 months before it was racked to 30 gallon French Oak barrels where it finished malo-lactic fermentation. Total age time was 15 months.

BerserkerDay V deal $80 (regular price $98) and free ground shipping. Limited to the first 10 packs sold.

To order: send me a PM, or contact us at:

Dan Rinke email: djr@johanvineyards.com phone: 503-576-0065
Dag Johan Sundby email: djs@johanvineyards.com phone: 303-909-8539

Happy BerserkerDay V!!

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BerserkerBusiness - open for sale 1/26/14

Wow! We’ve had a lot of orders already but still have some left. We are always happy to support the Berserker community. Sorry for the delayed response to all that have ordered I just got back a few hours ago from the Ecological Farming Conference down in California. Thank you for your support and interest in our small winery.

Only a few of these left, so get on them quickly if you want in!

Todd is right the Donors have hit the 08 Nils three packs pretty hard and we only have a few left.

Anyone on the fence about that 08 Nils should buy now. Seriously good pinot noir.

Thanks Beau, it means a lot to hear that from a colleague! And we didn’t even have to give you a free HandJob ™. [berserker.gif]

Yippie, into Nils Reserve.

So you charged him for it instead?

Yes but don’t let him know. [wink.gif]

In for the Nils! Can’t wait to try!

I’d like to see that cancelled check

This is Oregon, you pay for everything man.

At least you don’t have to pay taxes for it!

We are officially sold out of the 08 Nils three pack and only have 2 “geek packs” left. Since we sold out so quickly on the 08 Nils we are going to dig into the library and offer the 07 Nils for the same price. We only have 5 of these available so get on it!

Sales tax on an HJ. Now there’s a concept! [snort.gif]

I received my three pack today, and they are now safely nestled in my cellar. I gave the Nils Reserve opening dates ranging from late this year to 2018+. Looking forward to trying them. Thanks.

Johan in da house!!