Handmaid’s Tale Wines Canceled

Sorry, but it must have left a dystopian taste in someone’s mouth:



I don’t care whether this product exists, or not, but it makes one wonder how they managed to pass up using “Rape Culture Wines” on the label.
That was sarcasm, for the ironically impaired.I also wonder who they thought they were marketing to, women who would simplistically think they were sticking it to the patriarchy?

Is it on Winebid for a thousand a bottle yet? rolleyes

Reminds me slightly of that one wine store named “Serial Grapist.”


I also remember, I went to Italy in around 2005 or 2006, and a few times we stopped for gas at an Autogrill, which is like a gas station, convenience store and mini restaurant along the high speed tollways.

Several of them featured this collection of wines, each of which had a picture of some major 20th century figure on the label. It included people like FDR, JFK and Churchill, but also Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler.

Really hard to imagine having Hitler or Stalin wines at your house. Can you imagine busting one of those out for company?

Game of Thrones wines were pretty successful. Lots of rape and torture there. Someone figured “why not?!?”

Having seen both, I’d say horrifying rape, slavery and torture stuff is about 75% of Handmaid’s Tale and 5% of Game of Thrones. Still, I have no use for Game of Thrones wine either.

Handmaid’s Tale wine is probably closer to Schindler’s List wine, 12 Years a Slave wine, or Event Horizon wine.

50 Shades of Rose’ coming up!

Does the event horizon wine spit fire at you and make you think about friends who committed suicide

Come to think of it, I may have tasted some Event Horizon wine last time I was at a wedding in Temecula.

Under his eye.
He’s sent us good weather.