Half Bottles?

Any reason for not making half bottles?

The cost I’m assuming.

I think someone told me in addition to the added cost the demand is not there. Sure some people want 375s but not enough. Personally I wish every producer bottled them.

-Cost is #1.

-They tend to get effed up during bottling too.


-Harder to sell a case of .375s that .750s and you make 1/2 as much.

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Actually my first concern when it comes to half bottles, way before cost and demand, is quality: Dom Pérignon ages quicker in half bottles, which invariably implies lesser quality. Since ageworthiness is such a key characteristic of Dom Pérignon, it would make little sense from my point of view to release half bottles.

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First, thanks for catching up on the questions before you.

One consideration on the above, however - aren’t most of your consumer on THIS side of the Atlantic consuming Dom Perignon within a relatively short time of purchase? I would bet that fewer than 1% of those who own it have anything older than '00 on hand, and the vast majority consume it within days or weeks of purchasing it, so, likely, the most current vintage. While I can’t accurately speak to the implication of lesser quality (which would definitely be a significant issue for the brand if true), I wonder if it might be something to consider just for the Westerners who (unfortunately) consume all their wines too early, for the most part?

Thank god there’s that 1% of us Americans who know what they are doing :wink:

I’m still working on my 82’s.

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