Hainanese Chicken Rice

A great cooking video of one of my favorite things to eat/make. Really easy but super delicious


National dish of Singapore? The flavors are subtle, except for the hot sauce. Bought some here a few years ago…


I can drive to Side Chick from the westside and back in less time than it takes to shop for and cook Hainanese Chicken Rice. So I do that.

Any recipe that calls for carpentry skills cannot be described as really easy.

Charlie, do you serve this hot or cold? I’ve had it hot in the Bay Area and it was good. I had it cold in Taiwan and it was kind of gross.

Looks tasty, Charlie. Thanks for posting. I like the simplicity of ingredients.

Hot. Never had it cold before. That’s kinda weird

You get yourself a teleporter!? I can’t get from my house (about 5 minutes west of Side Chick) to the West side is less than a hour.

Really only takes about a hour or so to make this. Probably less if you do two chickens.

chicken in the pot for roughly 25 minutes. Then you take out chicken, carve it up, throw the bones back in to further cook the soup for drinking later. Take the soup and put it in and make rice. Rice should take about 15-20 minutes.

Making sauce during the idle time.

Ha. i’ve never hung up the chicken before, doesn’t ruin a thing.

This place ROCKS!!!

I made it once…once. Good dish but not worth the time and effort. Plus not many peeps into gray, rubbery chicken.

what was the leaf that went in the rice? Where to get it? Heat the chicken after cooking and slicing? Gonna try it.

Pandan. Also commonly added to rice in Filipino cookery

Most Asian markets will carry it, frozen if not fresh. Actually, I think I’ve only ever bought it frozen.

Cheers Don. Glad you enjoyed it too.


no need to add it Alan.

Yes. That’s the place to go when I want a fix.

I doubt my homemade version could possibly live up to the Tian Tian version, but I’m going to give it a try.

Thanks, Charlie!

Alan and Todd. Feel free to text about it!! I’ve made it probably 25+ times now

Will do, Charlie.