Hacker-Pschorr Weisse Dark

Brew: Weisse Dark

Brewed by: Hacker-Pschoor Bräu; Munchen, Germany

Style: Weizenbock

Glassware: Best served in weizen glass or mug.

Personal Notes: These German brews are steadily growing on me! This brew sports a body that is a dark amber, slightly cloudy (maybe a bit murky?) but, moreover, like dark honey that has crystallized somewhat. Topped off with a thick, frothy, bubbly white head that stays with the bear all the way through! Warm scents of apple (like a warm apple pie), sweet malt, clovers and bananas tease the nose as you bring it close. This brew is soooooo smooth, thick (but not chewy!!) and creamy. Slightly fruity (apple? banana? but only so slight)… and malty (like a good malt from a fountain shop). There’s a slight hint of bitter hops but it is so well blended in with the rest of the delicious flavors of this brew that it doesn’t stand out. What a very wonderful dark wheat German beer!!