Grünkohl makes the big time. NYT

Where Kale Is King (at Least, When It’s Stewed in Schmaltz and Bacon)

Ha! Our little corner of the map and local pride!

Does one actually say congratulations to another for having access to…kale?

Hi Corey,

I just got a charge out of seeing this in the NYT. I know many of the pix, and I know the market. Also, my Brother and SIL (from Chicago) love this stuff (as done here), and were here over Christmas. We all got down to the last day of the Christmas market to have our glühwein and heaping plates of grünkohl, kasseler, kochwurst, and pinkel.

Apologies --i probably should have placed a smiley after my reply to your initial post, but I’m allergic to emoticons.

I understand why you posted the article and certainly I got a charge from reading it. Thank you for providing that little glimpse into your world.

That said, I don’t think that I could ever be excited about kale, no matter the preparation.

If you were to drink the gluwein at the Christkindlemarkt in Chicago (Sorry, no umlaut on my keyboard), you would forever be remembered as a very brave man

I work a block from the Christkindlemarkt, so I pass it semi-regularly in the winter. I do not see the appeal. I don’t like people much and the idea of standing elbow to elbow with a bunch of folks who I don’t know, while freezing, holds no appeal.