Grüner Veltliner?

I’m curious as to where you see Grüner Veltliner going. The response as a whole has of course, been very positive over the last decade, but do you see it holding its ground into the future? As you know, there are only a handful of GV producers in Germany and I pretty much need to go to München to score the Austrian version and as such, I have no reference to the state of GV. It’s a grape that I think needs to be counted within the top 5 or 6 white wines produced (and the array!), yet there are many among us who continue to fear the umlaut.


I’m curious to see where it goes too. Naturally I benefited from it having been trendy in the mid/late 90s, but of course the problem was it was MERELY trendy, and it faded as trends nearly always do. This is a travesty, as you know, because GV is a superb classic variety that has pride of place among any dry whites at the table.

We sell a ton of it at the everyday level, but it has trouble convincing the umlaut-wary that it’s not only worth upwards of $60 per bottle, it’s the best value they’ll score at such a price.

You and I appreciate it, cuz we have the hots for the double-dots. Others are, let’s say, less intrepid when faced with German words on a label.