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And that’s a wrap for us!! Thank you to everyone who supported us this year!! It was a great BD15!

We are back!! Woohoo! This is our second year and we had a blast last year so we’re doing it again. Thank you to @ToddFrench @brigcampbell @Siun_O_Connell, and @Patrick_Taylor for including us in this year’s event.

Hey there, I’m Duyen (pronounced “dwen”)—a chef turned wine importer. My culinary journey led me to Paris, where I spent three and a half years working at renowned Michelin-starred restaurants like Arpège, Mirazur, and Frenchie. My dream of importing French wines took root early in my career, as I wanted to import great wines from France to my restaurant.

When France entered its second lockdown, I recognized the need for a career shift. I teamed up with my now-husband, Mehdi, and Virginie, friend and sommelier at Frenchie. Virginie’s family has owned a vineyard in Provence for seven generations and she received her somm degree at Lycée Hôtelier Tain l’Hermitage in Rhône.

BONDLE takes on the role of both importer and curator of these wines, serving as the exclusive US importer for three out of the four winemakers we work with. We are not negociants; instead, we establish direct partnerships with growers across France. Our portfolio is intentionally concise because we’re deeply passionate about each wine we introduce—no fluff, just a genuine commitment to quality.

Magnums are our flagship format! Why, you might ask?
Size matters, especially when it comes to wine. Magnums are the epitome of sharing with loved ones, offering the ideal size for aging by maintaining the perfect wine-to-air ratio. Whether it’s champagne or still wines, the distinctive taste is enhanced in a magnum, allowing the wine’s true expression to shine. In addition, I believe in the art of generosity and hospitality. To us, magnums are the perfect gift and represent a symbol of community.

Why did we create our own brand?
We wanted to create our own labels that were visually appealing but also contained high-quality, delicious wines. The brand is approachable, giving lots of helpful details on the back label describing tasting notes, pairings, and the winemaker’s story –a bridge from the old wine world to a curious demographic of wine drinkers.

Todd’s Champagne Review:

Marckus’s Review:

Press We’ve been featured Forbes, Vogue, LA Times, Elle, and more.


There is no minimum order. A case contains 6 bottles.

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NV Champagne Brut, AOC Champagne, Monial Cellier Aux Moines
NV Champagne Brut Nature, AOC Champagne, Monial Cellier Aux Moines

Monial is a grower of champagne with a long history dating back to the 12th century. The vineyard was planted as an extension to an underground cellar, showcasing beautiful Romanesque arches and rib vaulting that add to its grandeur. Marina Chevalier is the current winemaker, she took over from her father in 2016, who still oversees key stages of the winemaking process to ensure that the vineyard’s traditions are upheld. The vineyard is also home to a horse, sheep, chickens, pigs, and cats living on the farm, adding to the vineyard’s charm and rustic character.

Pinot Noir (90%) & Chardonnay (10%)
15 months maturation on lees
Brut - Dosage 10 g/L
Brut Nature- Dosage 0 g/L
Base year 2021
Disgorgement June 2023
5 Hectares

2021 Chenin Blanc, IGP Val de Loire, Domaine Bourg d’Oiseau

Located in Chaulgnes (21 miles from Sancerre), Domaine du Bourg d’Oiseau specializes in producing biodynamic wines. The vineyard covers two appellations, Val de Loire and Côtes-de-la-charité. Frédéric Benzergua, the owner-winemaker, is passionate about cultivating his vines while respecting ecological and environmental balances. He worked in several domains in Pouilly-Sancerre and learned from the likes of Didier Dagueneau, before establishing his own vineyard in 2007. Before starting his winery, Frédéric worked as a chef at several restaurants in Paris. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Frédéric has applied his culinary skills to the winemaking process, resulting in unique and delicious wines.

2022 Rosé (Grenache, Cinsault, Tibouren), AOC Côtes de Provence, La Navicelle

La Navicelle is a true gem of a winery located between the mountains and the sea, 1.8 miles from the Mediterranean sea. The Provencal landscape provides an ideal setting for their native grape varieties to flourish, benefitting from a unique microclimate. The principles of biodynamic farming are followed with the utmost respect for the ecosystem, fauna, and flora. The red clay soils, along with the rocky subsoil comprising limestone, sandstone, and shale, form a nourishing foundation for the grape varietals that make up this rosé.
The winemaker, Romain Magnanou, hails from the Bordeaux region and has a solid resume that includes working at a Grand Cru Classé de Graves in Pessac (Château La Tour Martillac) after graduation. In 2006, he moved to Provence and worked at two different wineries before taking over Domaine La Navicelle in 2019. Today, he leads both the vineyard and the cellar with the ambition of magnifying its exceptional terroir.

2020 Cabernet Franc, AOC Chinon, Domaine De L’R

Domaine de l’R is situated in the scenic region of Chinon, which is known as the heart of Cabernet Franc country, and runs alongside the picturesque Vienne river. Frédéric Sigonneau grew up next door to Bernard Baudry, he started working with Fabrice Gasnier before venturing to Spain after his graduation in 2002. He spent two transformative years tending to biodynamic and un-grafted vineyards. Back in France, he briefly explored the conventional winemaking world before establishing his own domain in 2007. He climbed the ranks to become one of the top producers of Cabernet Franc. The popularity of the winery’s wines is not surprising, given the estate’s genuine attention to taste and high standards. The vineyard is managed with a natural approach, working in harmony with the environment to produce a red wine with exceptional flavor and distinctive style. Throughout the winemaking process, there are no compromises, and the wines undergo frequent tastings to ensure the highest quality. The grapes are fermented in raw cement tanks, resulting in an incredibly smooth red wine.


Please order on our website, bondlewines.com
If you have any questions or struggle to put your order online, you can send me an email duyen@bondlewines.com

@davidkong - I’m looking at my listing and I realize it’s one big advertisement for Glasvin :joy:

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Bondle Champagne is yum, even better in Glasvins :wink:

About 1/3 of the stash and the rest are sleeping in the storage unit. The pop-ups are resuming this year so I’ll probably need to get more. Will we see you in France next month?

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Just need to break some of those interlopers

Whoops! We had a broken order link. It’s fixed now, thanks for the private messages, friends! :v:

Yayy we are live!! We already have some magnum collections ordered, woohoo! :flying_disc:

@M_Meer what are you sippin on while browsing for deals this year?

Duyen, is the Champagne producer you are selling now the same as when I tasted it last year? (wait, was it last year or two years ago? I’m getting old!)

Hey Todd!! Yes, same champagne producer as last year. We’re their exclusive importer in the US so the relationship is real tighttt.

Last year we only sold the brut and this year we have the brut and brut nature… Plusss… standard bottles! :scream: Magnums are the still the flagship but we had to expand the product line for restaurants. :smiling_face:


Hey @Eugene_Bayani and @CharlesM, did you guys get a chance to open your magnum of champagne last year?

Cough syrup :sweat_smile:

The packs look great! Really fantastic pricing, btw. I’ll be back later this weekend.

Oh damn, feel better! I’m excited to see what you get. If you liked last year’s Chinon from Domaine de L’r (2021), you’re gonna really enjoy this 2020 from a different parcel. :pinched_fingers: :pinched_fingers:



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Guys!! Don’t sleep on the chenin blanc. The champagne is what we’re known for but the chenin blanc is a close second favorite amongst our restaurant accounts. Light/medium body, notes of jasmine, toasted rice, and honey, and pairs really well with food. I love seeing chefs and wine director’s reactions to this wine during tastings.

Do you ship outside CA now? Pretty sure last year you were CA only?

Hey @Mikko_Tuomi! Yes, we do. We ship to every state besides MA, MN, DE, AL, TN, IA, MS, UT, KT.


Hi @DuyenHa - opened it 4 months ago and as I recall, it paired very well with fresh abalone! Great work! :raised_hands:

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