Grey and brown aromas

I remember once reading an interview in which you explained how Dom Perignon is made in a deliberately slightly reductive style, bringing forward “grey”(reductive) aromas and avoiding “brown”(oxidative) aromas.
Is your intention that Dom Perignon should be drunk with these reductive aromas intact or should the wines be cellared until these reductive aromas are balanced out by more oxidative aromas?


Dear Michael,

I remember this interview. Dom Pérignon natural aromas are indeed reductive, on the “grey” side. I find it interesting to let some “brown” (oxidative) aromas develop in the bottle, I feel they tend to bring a bit more richness and warmth to the wine. However such a process takes a long time, I would say at least 15 years post disgorgement, before the changes become significant.

All in all this is most definitely a question of taste. My personal preference would be to drink Dom Pérignon before it reaches this point, which is precisely why I created the Œnothèque program. However I can fully understand why some people would prefer the opposite!

Best regards,