Greer and Blankiet 2012, 2013

If your on the MacDonald waitlist but love beautiful balanced Napa Cabernet here you go. These are all entering their prime drinking windows and drinking very well. I have the following all bought directly from Greer and Blankiet and stored in a temp controlled cellar. They are in perfect condition.

Updated for sold

1-2012 @ $160

3- 2012 Prop Estate @$180 each
1- 2013 Prop Estate @$190 each
1- 2013 Rive Droite @$160 each

Mix and match in any combination but minimum purchase is 3 bottles. You take title upon purchase and I’ll ship to your specifications.

Free shipping if you buy 6 bottles.

Bump, I’ve added Blankiet to the offer and you can now mix and match to your liking.

Pm sent

I’ll take 2 Greer and 1 13 prop

Done, sent you a pm with my email so we can nail down details

added 2010 Greer

updated with what’s sold and what’s left