Greenock Creek Cellars 40% off for Berserkers Day

Greenock Creek Cellars minimum of 40% off for Berserkers Day VII champagne.gif

Greenock Creek, Australia - This South Australian superstar winery owned by Michael and Annabelle Waugh produces some of the world’s finest Syrahs, Grenaches, and Cabernet Sauvignons from absurdly low yields from their dry farmed vineyards. These somewhat old fashioned, to-die-for offerings see little new oak. They are uncompromised expressions of Mother Nature at work in the Barossa vineyards. If I had to select the number one Australian winery, it would be hard not to choose the Greenock Creek Winery, run by the humble, shy Michael and Annabelle Waugh. The quality that emerges from this estate is extraordinary. In short, these are thrilling, world-class wines that are about as compelling as wine can be."
Robert Parker

These are the new releases from Greenock Creek Winery and we are the only retailer in the US to be able to offer these truly individual wines. The quantities we were offered are very small so if you are interested please click the link to our specials page. You are getting incredible value at these prices.

We also have a pdf copy of the release letter from Michael and Annabelle with the full reviews of all the wines from Philip White. You can PM me if you would like a copy.
If you have any questions about the wines or general questions please post them here and I will post a reply. Thank you.

Cheers, [cheers.gif]
Keith Hoffman
Bliss Wine Company

I think this is the first BerserkerDay with AUSSIE wines, and at a great discount!!!

Some friends we have from Australia rave about these wines, with the constant complaint that they are unavailable in the US. Glad to finally have a chance to try them.

I had a vertical of Seven Acre going back to the 1998 (most of which I had to bring back or ship from OZ) which a few folks helped me drink, three years ago. Some of the best of its kind IMO. Over the the site to see what’s available …

We were not able to get any 2013 Seven Acre as the vintage was very small. We do have a few bottles of 2011 Seven Acre @ $48 if you are interested send me a PM. Thanks

Thanks for the order Jeff.

Has anyone who ordered received their wine yet?