Green Chile Chicken and Red Chile Pork Tamales and Pinto Beans with Old Grgich Hills Riesling

Last night for dinner we had one each of Josie’s green chile chicken and red chile pork with tinned pinto beans in broth (soupy beans). Accompanying the tamales and beans were three salsas - Maria’s Red Chile Salsa, Santa Fe Seasons Tomatillo Salsa, and Santa Fe Olé Green Chile Salsa. I had the red chile salsa on my pork tamale and my beans, with tomatillo salsa on my chicken tamale. Carollee had tomatillo and green chile salsas on her chicken tamale and red chile salsa on her pork tamale and beans. We enjoyed, with the tamales, beans, and salsas, a 1985 Grgich Hills Late-Harvest Riesling (10% residual sugar) - fill 3/4 inch below the capsule, cork saturated fully; color a dark orange-brown; good, complex, secondary fruit in nose and flavors with good acidity; with a medium-long developed, complex fruit finish.

Then for dessert, in the den while watching re-runs of NCIS, we each had a small scoop of each of our three gelati - caramel cookie crunch, sea salt caramel, and double dark chocolate, with a couple Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux cookies each. Carollee just had water, while I had a small snifter of Amaretto di Sronna. It made a good finsh to our tamale, beans & salsas meal.

Sounds like a great meal for some margaritas!

It would have been better with Margaritas, but we did’t have any tequila.