Green Bay Packer Wine

A Mano’s Wine product. These have to be flying off the shelves in Wisconsin.

It should really be a Vidal blanc icewine…

I thought the Green Bay Packer “wine” was brandy?

Wanna see Green Bay Packers Whine?


Should be finished by Christmas…

Hey, where can I buy some? Seriously. I’m from Door County originally and a Packer stockholder. My sister will buy some if I tell her where to go.

Be wary of Mean Green notes.

And Brett!!


Aaron it out before hand is important, as well.

I know a few folks from Door County. What time frame did you leave?

Rodgers that! I bet this will be the Starr of any evening in Lambeau land. Bet it goes well with cheese too.


Sales are brisk, that stuff isn’t exactly Hornung around on the shelves.

Seems Taylor made for that audience.

I wonder if they also sell a White?

OK, I will stop.

Ha Ha don’t be a Dix. Keep 'em coming.

There’s probably a lot of folks Thurston for these.

My memory is Fuzzy. Who was Thurston?

I bet there will be folks Lofton a glass around the Holiday. But there will always some Dickey who can’t Hadl his drinks and will Peay on someone.

Lovie’s husband.

Ginger’s secret sugar daddy.

Too many of these and somebody will feel Randy, Wright?

That’s gotta be a 15 yard penalty for excessive puns, am I right. Come on ref!?!?!