Great Wine Tasting at Graileys

We had a great tasting last night! Ivan Thornton came in to taste us on a great collection of new world wines.

We started with the 2004 James Johnson Cabernet Sauvignon by winemaker Thomas Brown – a fun wine full of power and richness. The chocolaty core showed through to a candied cherry and red twisler finish.

Second on the list was the 2005 Garric Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon by winemaker Pam Starr – The brilliant deep purple color of the wine foreshadowed the rich plum and current on the pallet backup up by a violet bouquet and espresso on the finish.

Our mid course was the 2005 Versant Cabernet Sauvignon by winemaker Robbie Meyer – The nose of this wine carried subtle anise and crushed dry rose pedals with notes of leather and earth combined with cassis and blackberry on the palate with a long finish of berries and vanilla.

Fourth was Realm Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon by winemaker Mike Hirby – A silkier style of wine with mint overtones and a powerful black berry punch combined with cherries and licorice made this wine my favorite of the night.

Fifth we enjoyed the 2006 Charter Oak Zinfandel by winemaker Rob Fanucci – This was a spectacular example of California Zinfandel with jammy ripe blackberry and exotic spices filling this wine to the brim.

Last was the Erna Schein 2006 Syrah by winemaker Les Behrens – This wine was an eye catcher with notes of honey and violets on the nose and the distinctive sweet spiciness of Chinese spareribs on the palate.

Simon was manning the grill and served some fantastic steak that showed off all of the wines perfectly!
Good times [basic-smile.gif]

I’m sure you have tasted the Garric before but last Friday we had the Relic.

The Realm was a great wine but it was also the most expensive at 109.99 I would say that the Bisou was something really fun to try at 89.99 and the Charter Oak Zinfandel was quite special for a 47 dollar Zin…

[worship.gif] OOHHH YAH Flannery Hangars !! [worship.gif]

By the way we are keeping to the original schedule for the tasting dinner at the Mansion, it will be on the 21st – which is a Monday – and I believe we will be doing a 5 course tasting menu. I hope you can make it!

Thanks, Adam. Would you mind updating with the vintage and vineyard designation for the Realm? I’m curious about that one. Thanks!


2005 Realm Farella vineyards Napa Valley - we sell it at Graileys for 109.99