Great wine for pizza: Gragnano

Tried it today at Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano, and it was great. The wine is a fizzy wine, but much more dark fruited than the Lambruschi that I usually get. Fantastic recommendation by our server, and only $26. Producer is Penisola Sorrentina.

Oh…that’s FUNNY!!! You guys used to treat me like a red headed, club footed, Tourrette’s havin’ step child when I talked about that on the Parker board years ago.

FANTASTIC: nearly black, you can taste the volcano (it’s made near Vesuvius) and it’s VERY dry.

PS: Gragnano della Penisola Sorrentina is the DOC, there are many producers. It is made with Sciascinoso and Piedirosso grapes.


Ha, you must’ve posted about this when I was already out of eBob. And I would never argue about a wine I never heard of before. neener

But you are right, Roberto, it is a great wine. Very dark, like you said. It is a brooding wine, quite concentrated. I also found it to be “heavy” on the palate, very “dense” for a fizzy wine.

I didn’t mean YOU in particular, just all the folks who are NOW all on about Bea and Quintarelli and Etna Rosso who used to deride me when I suggested those wines with “All the great wines have already been discovered and talked about by Parker and the Spectator, you’re just trying to sell us some crap, blah, blah, blah…”

A little PIzza-cola, anyone? A personal favorite…

Oh, c’mon. You’re not trying to sell crap, you’re trying to sell porn stars. newhere