Great customer service at Wally's and an interesting old Zinfandel

Wanted to give props to a retailer since who went above and beyond, since the board is often filled with stories of those who don’t. Ordered a 1974 Montevina Shenandoah Valley Zinfandel from Wally’s. Wasn’t expecting much, but wanted an inexpensive birthyear bottle for a friend who enjoys wine but has limited interest. Bottle arrived with signs of seepage, and upon uncovering the (plastic) capsule the cork was leaking substantially and clearly at least somewhat compromised. Contacted Wally’s and explained the situation. They immediately offered to send another bottle and even 2 day aired it to make it in time for the friend’s birthday. Kudo’s for the great service!

Figured we might as well check out the damaged bottle before dumping it. Got the cork out in 2 pieces, soaked all the way through. Got a waft of vinegar aroma immediately but the followed by some fruit. Poured 2 glasses. Cloudy cranberry color (probably didn’t do the best job avoiding sediment) with serious bricking. Not much to it, but definitely had a little fruit left, mostly in the tart cranberry range. Hung on for half an hour or so and just kind of faded away. Not exciting, but always interesting to taste a piece of history like this.

Thanks for the interesting note Brian. We had a '70s Montevina (don’t recall the vintage) at our old-vines offline last summer and despite the condition of the bottle I think it was the best of this lot:

Great to hear. Considering this one was drinkable, I am hoping my friend’s bottle winds up being even better.

Larry that looks like 1977. Montevina produced a strong string of wines in that era, roughly 1974-1978. Real benchmark Barbera as well as the Zins. Still have a few that i should be drinking up. They’re certainly not getting any better.

And Kudos to Wally’s. We all need retailers to perform like that.

Thanks Gregory, had to dig a little for the notes but 1977 is correct [cheers.gif]