Great Bonne piece on Unsung Hero, soon to be Superstar... Tegan Passalacqua

If you don’t know Tegan, you will. A great article by Jon Bonne on Tegan Passalacqua. Can’t wait for his label to launch!

Nice catch Hardy. I know Tegan and agree … he is all that! Very well deserved praise.

Nice article and a great guy. Within minutes of meeting Tegan it was clear this is a guy I could sit down with, grab a bottle of wine, and talk to for hours. Very passionate and down-to-earth. Can’t wait to try his wines.

A well-known guy in the valley, glad to see he is getting some press.

Thanks for the link, Hardy. This is exactly the kind of article that makes JonBonne one of the best
wine writers around. It’s really exciting to learn more about Tegan. I think he has lots in common
w/ MattRorick/ForlornHope. Poulsard and Mencia in Calif??? The very thought of that makes me excited.
One thing I found interesting is that Jon featured a grower/winemaker for TurleyWineCellars. The Turley
wines are usually at pretty fearsome alcohol levels. Exactly the kind of wines that Jon often rails against.
Turley is often cited as the poster child for overblown, overly alcoholic, over-oaked wines. This is a bad rap
and undeserved…a remnant of HelenTurley’s days there in the early yrs when she was becoming Parker’s
wine goddess. Though most of the Turley Zins are in excess of 15% alcohol, I think they carry that
alcohol very well (though it often starts to come thru w/ btl age), they seldom show much oak, they display
their respective terroirs quite well, and, I think, are pretty well-balanced wines.
This is a must-read article for afficianados of Calif wines. I’m looking forward to Tegan’s own wines.
Poulsard & Mencia & Trosseau…yeah…bring 'em on.

Anyone have any info on the release of his own label