Gray Market Gabriel-Glas, Saving you money so you can buy more wine!

Get 40% off US retail pricing plus free shipping (regardless of order size).

To order go to
At checkout use coupon code: “Gray”

Products Offered and the pricing (the numbers below are your landed costs)

Gabriel Gold (mouth-blown) US Retail $55.00, my price $33.00
Gabriel StandArt Edition (machine made) US Retail $29.00, my price $17.40

All purchases will be entered into a raffle. One $200.00 store credit winner will be drawn and 2, $100.00 store credit winners will be chosen at the conclusion of Berserker Day VIII

However, I’d like to address another post’s warning about these stems being “gray market” while also alluding to the potential for them being counterfeit. The poster is apparently confused as to what a gray market good is. Wikipedia does a good job of explaining and here is the link.

But, a gray market good is a GENUINE product brought in via a parallel import model. And, that is exactly what I do and sell. All taxes and tariffs are paid. I acquire the goods legally, have ascertained their authenticity and bypass a level or tier of the distribution and sales model in the US to bring you a genuine article at a lower price point.

What may be of further aid to those purchasing these glasses is the reliance on the reputation I have built in this community. Here are two links to my active commerce corner posts.

Post 1 has 6400 views and 2 pages of commentary on my customer service level and the satisfaction my clients have in dealing with me.

Post 2 are individuals taking their time to comment outside of this thread.

I will leave it to the consumer to decide whom to purchase from and if you select my firm, “Thank you”, in advance, for the continued support.

Please note, due to personal and business travel, orders from 1/27/17 - 2/8/17 will be delayed in getting out to you until 2/10/17. Should you need something expedited due to a gift or event, contact me directly and I’ll do my best to facilitate your needs.

Kind regards,

Chris Freemott

I just bought some of these glasses from Chris this year and we love them. Service was top notch too, highly recommend!

Chris is the best - buy with confidence

(sigh) In for several. Who needs to fund retirement anyway? I could never resist a deal, and by all accounts this is one not to be missed.

Fantastic offer! Order placed.

Order in!

Not only is Chris great, but the stems are OMFG fun to use because they are so lightweight. I prefer to Zaltos.

I got to try one for the first time last week side by side with a Zalto Universal. I went back and forth on which I preferred but given that relatively even performance the price makes it an easy decision.


I’d take 2 of GG handblown along with my Zalto’s, if still available. (2 different codes!)


Purchase made


Chris is great to deal with, this price is fantastic, and OBVIOUSLY the stems are genuine (it seems ridiculous to even have to say that). I suggest buying with confidence from Chris, not someone who has decided to imply something negative and blatantly untrue about his business. Personally, I’m extremely glad someone is doing this so we can all get these at such good prices.

Let me think…love these glasses and only broke one in a year! Pretty damn good around this house! champagne.gif We have total confidence in Chris!! [drinkers.gif]

Bought six more just because… [highfive.gif]
Marshall [berserker.gif]

Yes, they are surprisingly durable.

Chris is awesome to deal with. Just a buyer feedback

Thinking of finally pulling the trigger and ordering some of these. At the awesome discounted price, I should just get the mouth blown GG but I am curious if there is a noticeable difference between the 2 options?

Tasting–not so much

I’m buying more. Chris, don’t sell them all until this evening.

Scott - you’re safe kind sir!

Jumping in based on comments. Looking forward to the first swirl & taste with these.

First Berserkers Day purchase (2 of each)…thank you!