Gravner article in Decanter!!

I caught a bit of the Decanter article on Gravner … it said he will radically reduce, his varieties to the native white ( Ribolla Gialla ) and the local red (Refosco). That will kill the Breg production.

Bummer… but I loved that juice…

Here is a good article on his wines:" onclick=";return false;

Count me as a big fan as well - I was lucky enough to visit ol’ Jocko a few years ago - he’s quite the radical - and I love his Breg as well - still have a few bottles left of the '95 and '98 which are just coming into prime time -

But I must admit - I am a huge fan of Ribolla Gialla - and his is remarkable stuff with some age - it should be interesting to see where he goes with the wines - and what new (or old) grapes he choses to use - Picolit maybe?

Hmmmm. Won’t mourn the loss of Gravner Merlot, but I always preferred the Breg to the Ribolla for some reason.

I am a Breg nut, but the '92 Ribolla (pre-Amphora phase) I had w/ Dan off the list from Kittle House last week really opened my eyes to the lurking and unique potential the grape has.

The most incredible synergistic pairing I ever did was '01 Breg with a cinnamon-honey risotto and grilled sweetbreads.


Tom, I think u were correct in…his choice of Picolit…