Grassl Wine Glasses, and a few Zaltos if you need them

Hello and “Happy Berserker Day!”

I have a story to tell but I’ll keep it brief. I’m a firm believer that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. This board has been exceptionally responsive and supportive to my efforts in creating a little ‘side hustle’ and hobby selling glasses I bring in from Europe. As it has grown, my interest in removing myself from the various supply issues gray-marketing brings with it, led me on a quest to investigate creating my own glass or having significant control of a glass.

The standards were high. The current mouth-blown glass segment contains only a few players, all of them produce exceptional products and to enter this space required something compelling, affordable, elegant, and most critically; functional. Our focus was on how well does wine taste. To that end, we began producing samples and got them in the hands of some well-regarded winemakers in Europe. The result of our designs and their feedback is what you see today.

A series of fortuitous events led me to meeting my business partner and the creation of the Grassl Glass line. The name stems from his family tree in Europe and the design is really his, though I contributed considerable commentary, design suggestions, and feedback along the way. Our ability to collaborate, critique, get a product to market, test it, design packaging for it, etc have all been exceptionally rewarding for both of us and I’m thrilled with my partner. I got lucky.

Many of you were gracious enough to review my glass. There are two threads active on the site and you can read what your peers think of them as I sprinkled 90 stems across the country.

To the offer: I’m throwing a few caveats out here.

1 - The glasses are ‘on the water’ and delivery won’t begin to your doorstep until late February. I’ve found that logistics is becoming even more challenging due to work rules and now recent events in the US (shutdown) aren’t helping nor is a trucker shortage for LTL delivery.
2 -The current glasses on the water are all in industrial 6 pack configurations and those orders will be given preference on their delivery to the buyers. Single and/or mixed orders not in units of 6 will be filled upon the arrival of our final packing tubes which are also ‘on the water’ and should be here late February.
3 - I have the pleasure of traveling on WB day and will need to monitor the thread from a plane. Please bear with me and I land in SFO at roughly 6 PM Local time so you may see a surge in my replies.

A WB member benefit for those purchasing Grassl stems from me. Breakage guarantee (personal use, not industrial please). We’re evaluating this and wish to start a trial review of a replacement program for all WB members, whether you buy on WB day or not. The replacement policy is simple. For $10.00 (it’s a shipping fee) I’ll replace your glass.

To the sale today.

AND the link to buy this stuff, which, I forgot this AM:

*update. You may get emails from my software confirming shipping. Those labels are accurate, but will be printed and held until the stems arrive. I’ll send out an announcement at that time. Zalto stock, which is in hand, will ship immediately.

The Grassl Stems are available for purchase for $25.00 each. Retail will be $45.00
The Grassl Decanter, a 60-day arrival item, will be $60.00. Retail will be $80.00

For those of you needing Zalto glasses, I have stock and I have stock on the water with similar arrival times of Mid/Late February, read carefully so you understand your arrival times.

Zalto Stock

Universal Glasses, $48.00/stem, all quantity and packaging styles in stock (1,2,6)
Bordeaux Glasses, $50.00/stem, 6-pack packaging in stock, single and double late arrival
Burgundy Glasses, $50.00/stem, all formats late arrival
Champagne Glasses, $45/stem, all formats in stock, limited quantities available
White Wine Glasses, $45/stem, all formats in stock, limited quantities available
Digestif Glasses, $45/stem, all formats in stock, limited quantities available
Sweet Wine Glasses, $45/stem, all formats in stock, limited quantities available

All of the below are in stock and ship immediately

Carafe 75 - $50
Carafe 150 - $75
Axium Decanter - $75.00
Mystique Decanter - $95.00

I realize this price doesn’t seem like much of a differential from what I normally sell to WB folks for. Zalto has hiked their prices and transport costs are higher. My margins are down.

An exciting announcement on samples - something I’m very excited about.

Holding and using a quality wine glass can be challenging. I’m in the last phases of creating and releasing a sample AND offline kit. This is a reusable package designed to handle the impact shipping can have on stems. Several inches of padding, rigid plastic and cutouts to hold the glasses. This kit will be revealed shortly and the intent is to create a package containing 4-10 of our glasses we will ship to you so you can drink from them and make sure they are right for you or in the case of an offline event, include our stems in your rotation to compare and contrast with the other high quality stems on the market today.

May have missed it, but how should we order? In for a 6 pack of the 1855.

any GGG for sale?

Chris, are the mineralite stems coming with a wider opening? or just as sampled

I didn’t see a link to order.
I would like a six pack of 1855 also.

I’m in for at least a sixer of Liberte.

Yes, how should we order?

In for a 6 of the cru and 6 of the 1855

8 Cru please, Chris- thanks!

In for a mixed 6 pack.

I’d like two six-packs of the Cru please. Thanks!

I’d like 6 Cru and 6 1855.


Chri, per our previous PM, would be interested in a 6 of the cru, if Cdn logistics are manageable. No rush. Thanks.

My guess to order is (from previous offer)

“email me - cfreemott at mac dot com”

That’s my guess.

Please order from the link i have NOW put into the thread to get to my eCommerce site. I’m a little slow on the uptake this AM and need coffee. For those who have PM’d me, please use the site as well. Thank you and, well, I’m an idiot every now and then.

In for 6 Crus.

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in for 6 and 6 of Liberte and 1855 .

Chris has been great over the years and looking forward to the new glass journey

Ordered 6 of the Liberte. Looking at the specs, I think they will fit me a bit better.

Mike, I’m going to do the same.

BTW. No risk folks. 100% Satisfaction. No restock fee. I’ll pay the freight to get them back if you don’t like them.