Grapes from 500-year old Austrian vine yield first harvest

Grapes from 500-year old Austrian vine yield first harvest

VIENNA (AP) " Attention oenophiles: a 500-year old Austrian vine has yielded its first batch of wine and experts say it’s a taste sensation.

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Lets keep in mind this grape originated in the the alps in Italy …

In the FLX many of us are planting this grape …i have a block with a mix slated for next year along with PN … And clone 90 Riesling …

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not exactly grapes from 500 year old vine but from recently planted cuttings. If calling that wine from a 500 year old vine is accurate, then Burgundy wines are all from vines thousands of years old–in fact, all wine is. Article should be labeled something like “new Gruner-like vine found.”

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The the grape that this article refers to is “St.Georgen”, that was discovered near Eisenstadt. See details below. For many yrs, GrunerVeltliner was DNA known to be a cross
between Traminer (Savignan) X unknown variety. When they discovered this very old vine & did the DNA on it…bingo…the other parent of GrunerVeltliner.
So…given this parentage…GrunerVeltliner is not a member of the Veltliner family.
This very old vine, after it was discovered, was vandalized (in some way), but they were able to rescue it. Cuttings were taken from St.Georgen and propagated to produce
the wine you reference. So none of that very old vine is in this wine. I can hardly wait to taste this wine…in my never-ending quest for the obscure. I will, of course,
post the very first St.Georgen TN!!! [snort.gif]

I assume in the FLX, you are planting GrunerVeltliner, not St.Georgen. That strikes me as a very good choice. I can hardly wait to taste your first Gruner, John!!

Some ampelographers (such as Hermann Goethe in his 1887 handbook of ampelography) have long assumed that Grüner Veltliner is not related to the other varieties with “Veltliner” in their name (such as Roter Veltliner), or that it is only distantly related.[4] A first DNA analysis in the late 1990s secured Traminer as one parent of Grüner Veltliner, but was not able to identify the other parent among the candidates studied.[5] The other parent was later found to be an originally unnamed variety of which only a single, abandoned, very old and weakened vine was found in Sankt Georgen am Leithagebirge outside Eisenstadt in Austria. The grape is therefore referred to as St. Georgener-Rebe or “St. Georgen-vine”.