Graperadio Interview with Brad

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the interview guys - keep up the good work.

Nice show guys. I’m amazed at how one person can cover a place like Champagne. So many grower, coop, and big houses to cover. Maybe not quite as difficult as the ground Antonio Galloni has to cover, but still an amazing feat non the less. [training.gif]

Thanks for the very nice compliment. In all fairness I should mention that Brad got us all liquored up with Champagne he brought for us to drink during the interview. [shock.gif]

It’s a tough job, eh, Jay?

I have to say that too many of your guests be pimpin’ shit and it was really great to have Brad who is just a fellow total-obsessive and a point dude. I listened to it while I worked out today. Also really good in the way you interacted and provided structure to the overall show. Really good show.


That (not you, but the perception) really pisses me off. I try to avoid a 30 minute infomercial. 1 out of 10 shows never gets posted because the guest is too commercial.

Thanks for this feedback Andrew. I promise to work harder to avoid this issue in the future. I apologize.

Todd, if you are reading this, forget what I said about being on GrapeRadio. You are natural born pimp! [wink.gif]

I can only claim half of the responsibility for the drinking that went on. I wish I could take all the credit, but it wouldn’t be right. As for how crazy it got in the studio, I cannot speak of that. [grin.gif]

That came off more negative than I meant. I am sorry about that. You really have nothing to apologize for.

There is nothing for which to apologize. Really. We all pimp. It was meant as a real compliment to both you and Brad.

What I mean by pimp is not a bad thing. The majority of your guests are passionate and that mingles with the pimping. What is the difference? When I hear winemakers extol what they do, I know they are pimping and are totally sincere/honest. That is what I love about Grape Radio. I heard the chaps from Elderton rave about Command and buy a bottle of … crap. Then I discover Vietti old vine Scarrone from another show. That is the duality of passion and what really speaks to the authenticity of what you do.

Really, don’t be pissed. It is a post-modern world where we revel in pimping/authentic without worrying about it. Berserk on!


PS - Tried to be ironical with the ‘be pimpin’ shit’ language. Me no Sadat X, I guess. Triste.

He learned after the episode with Shane! neener

Bitch, please.

I don’t need to pimp anything - I have my delegated pimps to pimp FOR me…