GrapeRadio Interview of Jancis Robinson

What would you like us to discuss with her?

Jancis is the best. Just be careful, or she will likely end up interviewing you rather than the other way around. She is VERY good at that. Have fun!

I’m surprised there aren’t a pile of questions here. What about more on 2009 Bordeaux, specifically, more of her feelings on where the Bordelais market is going in the near future, with the availability of information on pricing, reviews, reviewers, history being so vast and widely available now?

I highly doubt she is THAT good. [wow.gif] A few have tried, but all have failed.

Jay, don’t say you weren’t warned. And pass along my warmest hello to Jancis. You also might find some interesting stuff to riff on from this panel that I recently sat on with her in Bordeaux:" onclick=";return false;

Another question, of personal interest:

What do you see as the role of internet wine forum communities in the market?

How much is Asia actually affecting the fine wine market?
Does she drink muich Port or Madeira?

She once doubted that great wine can be made from Sauvignon Blanc. I am quite interested to know whether she has changed her mind on that, and what she thinks of the late great Didier Degeneau’s stuff.

This question struck me because I was re-watching her “Wine Course” series when she interviewed Degeneau, and she was genuinely taken aback at the quality of his wines.

I would like to hear her elaborate on the following (from her book How To Taste): “Under the hot South American sun, in the irrigated vineyards of Mendoza in particular…, Malbec produces wines that are full of extract and drama with a sort of silky richness that is entirely lacking in any Cahors that has yet come my way.”

My experience has been different, maybe because I haven’t paid up enough, but I respect Jancis as a taster and would like to hear more. Examples would be especially welcome.

Mark Marcellus

What, if any, new world wines does she drink often by choice?

What is her take on the premox issue with white Burgundy?

Keep up the good work, Jay…


Thanks Paul. I did mention that subject, but she indicated she would rather take a snooze. [snort.gif]

This is interesting to me also. I also enjoyed some (but not all) the wines I tried while in Cahors.

Actually, I see this as the main thrust of the interview. I would like to hear her thoughts on the impact social media is having on wine writing/critics.

Thanks for the link. You keep forgetting she would not have a compelling reason to interview us.

Jay, I think you will find she is very curious about all things wine, online etc. I think she would find GrapeRadio VERY interesting.

Thanks for saying that. I know I am interesting. neener

All joking aside, I find her fascinating and to some extent a mystery. I cant quite get my mind around who she is behind the pubic persona. I am not suggesting she is anything other than genuine. In many ways, I find her perspective on things refreshing.

It was very fun to see her among her element in a roomful of MW’s. They teased her somewhat incessantly and quite endearingly about knowing the most obscure and encyclopedic aspects about every aspect of wine around the world. You should also watch the other MW video where she was on a panel talking about being an MW etc. It will give you some insight into her.

Did she give a reason? I don’t want to overreact but …

I’d bet that’s because the premox issue is what it is. It’s not confined to 96 (people have reported it in 99 and 2000 as well and, I believe, other vintages) its causes are not well know (Rovani’s fantasies notwithstanding) and there’s really not too much more to say that hasn’t been said.

Jay - to expand on the social media/democratization of criticism angle, does she see the move to online media shrinking the world and expanding the potential influence or writers or are the various markets still different enough that most critics only affect their home markets?